Most Effective Tips and Tricks for Computer Printers

Most Effective Tips and Tricks for Computer Printers

Printers have become an integral part of not only our workplaces but also our homes. The advancement in technology has even impacted the printers. This has completely revolutionized the whole process of printing. There are quite a few ways in which you can utilize your printer to its complete potential and keep in functioning in the best possible condition.

Let me shed some light on a few of the handy tips and tricks that will enable you to perform a few of the tasks in a jiffy. There is a high possibility that you may not be aware of a few of the points that I am going to showcase below.

Print in the Correct Order

Most of the printers will print pages with their face down. This will automatically order the stack of pages when you turn it over. However, there are a few of the printers that will print with the face of the pages up. This puts the first page at the bottom of the stack which makes its necessary to reorder the pages. Some of the inkjet printers will reverse the printing order by default, but for all those so not have this reverse printing feature, there is a tip.

MS Office Word has a feature that will enable you to print the pages in the reverse order. In the 2003 version of Word, you will have to go to Tools>Options and then click on the Print tab. Over there you will have to check the ‘Reverse Print Order’. In case of Word 2007 version, select the Microsoft Office Button and then click on the ‘Word Options’. On the left-hand side of the dialog box, you will find the Advanced options. Move over to the print options below and put a check on the ‘Print Pages in Reverse Order’ option.

Test a Formatting or Printing Feature

Creating a text document in Word is quite helpful in testing a formatting or printing feature. This can be done in a fairly simple manner. All you need to do is type ‘=rand(p,s)’ in a paragraph. Over here, ‘p’ indicates the number of paragraphs and ‘s’ are the sentences that are present in the paragraph. Once you are done, just press Enter. Different versions of Word will use the different text. Talking about Word 2007, it uses a different version of the dummy text when compared with Word 2003.

Print Black-Only Monochrome Documents

Most of the printer users face an issue while printing any of the monochrome documents. An error message gets displayed saying that the print will not print as it is out of any of the ink color. In such a situation, you should have a look at the printer driver. Most of the printer drivers have an option that will allow you to print in black only. By selecting this option, the printer will no longer decline the printing request.

Set the Right Paper Type For Best Outputs

The reason behind the poor inkjet output quality is due to the wrong type of paper setting for the driver. Different papers will need different amounts and proportions of ink in order to generate a high-quality output. By setting the paper type the driver will know about the color tables that are to be used. If your printer is not able to recognize the type of paper automatically you can set the driver manually. However, there are some inkjet printers that will identify the paper type automatically.

Invest in Cleaning Cartridges

Drying up of ink and blockages in the nozzles of the print head is a common problem faced by most of the printer users. This results in faded and streaky print outputs. The best way to get rid of this problem is to invest in cleaning cartridges which will thoroughly clean the print heads of an inkjet printer. Any sort of ink that has dried over the nozzles will be broken up and removed.

Check the Price of Cartridges Before Buying a Printer

This might seem silly but a lot of printer users end up buying a cheap printer that has expensive ink replacement costs. Due to which, the cost of the replacing the cartridges would easily cross the price at which the printer was bought. Therefore, before buying a printer check the cost of the cartridges that are compatible with the printer’s model. There is no point in buying a printer that has a hefty price tag associated with replacing the ink. Pricing the printer fairly low and asking a high price for the cartridges is a clever business model that is adopted by a lot of the printer manufacturers.

In The End

I hope that all the tips and tricks which are mentioned in this article will prove to be quite beneficial for you. Do share your views about them and let me know about any other useful tips in the comments section below.


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