Magento 2 Security Extensions for Store Protection

Magento 2 Security Extensions

Magento has become one of the most commonly used ecommerce platforms for online business. According to BuiltWith, Magento powers 12% of top 100,000 active ecommerce websites in the world today. It is a robust platform with a high level of functionality and customizability. Not only this, Magento offers latest updates and security patches to assure the safety of your ecommerce store.

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Undoubtedly, security is one of the primary concerns for the developers and ecommerce store owners. If there exist loopholes in your website then it increases the chances for crackers to breach into your website. This can be really devastating. It destroys your credibility and customers won’t trust your store anymore.

But you don’t have to worry about it. Because I have got you covered. I have compiled a list of top 10 Magento 2 security extensions that will help you safeguard your ecommerce store against all vulnerabilities.

HTTP Security Firewall by Lerus Ltd.

HTTP Security Firewall by Lerus enhances the security and stability to secure the online store from uncertainty. It protects your Magento website from brute force attack, server downtime and overload, customers’ data leak and other security threats. It is one of the finest security extensions which also tracks all admin login and activities in the admin panel. HTTP security Firewall sends email and SMS in the case of failed sign-in attempts or at an instant when something goes wrong.

Other Features:

  • Scans online store for security issues and assists to resolve them
  • Examines server performance and generates the pop-up if the website is not  working up to the mark
  • Provides DOS attack detection facility

Cost: $99.00

Security Suite by Neklo

Security Suite extension offers with an easy customizable option so that it can be best fitted for any Magento ecommerce store. With this extension you can track the number of login sessions and monitor your online store at any time. It allows you to run the security processes with ease by using two-factor authentication and advanced password setting.

Other Features:

  • Allows you to revoke entire suspicious activities anytime
  • Tracks all the activities of admin of your website
  • Sends notification via email to aware about the activities of store

Cost: $299.00

Security by Mageplaza

It is one of the strongest and powerful extensions that protects online store admins from any security issues. It comes up with the pop-up alerts against unwanted login attempts, which helps to protect important business data. It also generates warning messages for store owners to stay alert for the unfamiliar activities.

Other Features:

  • Generates a report for the most recent logins
  • Protects your store from brute force attack
  • Capable to limit the number of failed attempts

Cost: $0.00

Two Factor Authentication by XTENTO

Two Factor Authentication by XTENTO protects Magento backend against unauthorized login. It requires a security code after providing users with initial credentials i.e username and password. This extension generates a one-time security code that is valid for 30 seconds. This extension supports the free open source Google Authenticator application and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android and BlackBerry smartphones.

Other Features:

  • Compatible with third party extensions
  • Protects website from brute force attack
  • Ensures the secure login for the admin panel

Cost: $79

Two Factor Authentication by Amasty

Basically, two-step verification is an additional layer of security, based on “Google Authenticator”. Two Factor Authentication protects your store from the unwanted internet threats such as data sniffing, unsecured Wi-Fi connections and keyloggers etc. It ensures that your store account is only bounded to your staff member by configuring each admin role. Besides, it also allows you whitelist some reliable IPs.

Other Features:

  • Provides guaranteed protection against spyware
  • Each user gets an authentication code
  • 100% open source and easy to customize

Cost: $129

Admin Actions Log by Amasty

Amasty has specially designed this extension to enhance the store’s security and protect data from malicious attacks. By using this extension you can get a complete visibility of every change that occurs in admin panel. It means that you can keep a track of the jobs admin does, and debug the problems caused by admin changes. It facilitates you with auto tracking mechanism for entire logged actions and notify all admin login attempts.

Other Feature:

  • Capable to restore changes of specific items
  • Simple installation and easy to customize
  • Compatible with 3rd party extension

Cost: $249

Watchlog Pro by WYOMIND

Watchlog Pro is also a great option for protecting ecommerce websites from attackers. It especially protects the admin area of the website. By using this extension, you can get detailed as well as summarized tables of the login attempts. It also helps you to keep a history of the connection attempts for which you can avail a periodic report on the statistics through email. You can also filter any login attempt from Magento 2 backend.

Other Features:

  • Capable to block the IPs on backend and frontend with auto and manual mechanism
  • Outstanding support and provides a response within 24 hours
  • Lifetime Upgrade

Cost: $70 CIM by MageDelight CIM security extension is famous for securing the data transaction. It allows merchants to easily connect with Authorize.Net Payment Gateway which is structured with complex infrastructure and necessary security pillars. This structure ensures fast, reliable and secure transmission of data. Despite of all, it imparts a feature that admin can place an order on behalf of the customer with stored cards.

Other Features:

  • It allows to add, change, delete saved cards
  • Supports accept.js
  • Ensures secure customer payment methods

Cost: $279 for Community Edition

Cost: $559 for Enterprise Edition

Google Invisible reCAPTCHA by Meetanshi

The main concept behind this extension is to distinguish between the human and machine activity for security purposes. This module allows the admin to execute the latest V3 Google reCAPTCHA to keep spam and bots away from the Magento store. By doing this, it streamlines the functioning of the ecommerce store and helps owners build customers’ trust on the payment system.

Other Features:

  •  As an admin, you can enable Google reCAPTCHA on various URLs
  • Secures the store from bots
  • 100% open source and free lifetime support

Cost: $49

Bot Blocker by Magewares

Bots are not your friend. Especially when it comes to online store. They look for the loopholes and try to disturb the flow of the store. Bots are the reasons which destroys the response time, worsen search engine ranking and stops the conversion of the store. With the help of Bot Blocker you can indicate about the unwanted bots and stop them from destroying the site’s content.

Other Features:

  • Recognizes automated malicious bots
  • Ensures that real person doesn’t get block
  • Easy to use and increase the store speed

Cost: $129

Wrapping Up

If you want to build and sustain the trust of your customers then your store’s security should be strong and unbreakable. Customer’s trust is one of the crucial factors that helps exceling the sales ratio. Therefore, it’s essential to use security extensions for your Magento store so you can have peaceful business growth.

Apart from that business data is so crucial so you have to protect that as well. So your competitors won’t have any chance to rank you down. Whereas, your Magento hosting platform also plays a vital role for the protection of your store.

Let me know if you want to use any of these Magento 2 security extensions. Or, if you think I’ve missed out on any important security extension then write it down in the comment section.

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