LG Plans on Unveiling X-men themed phones

LG Plans on Unveiling X-men themed phones

X-Men: Apocalypse, the latest installment from Marvel resulted in a lot of hype on the box-office. If you are a fan and enjoyed the movie, then we have some really interesting news for you. It seems that box office wasn’t the only place where the movie generated a lot of buzz. Someone at the helm of LG is either a dedicated X-Men fan or is a serious marketing genius who intends to capitalize on the latest Marvel flick.

Surrounding the movie, LG decided to release a range of X-Men themed phones. Fortunately for LG, it has an entire squadron of X series devices that can be put on to the task. LG’s Germany wing was the one responsible for unveiling part of LG’s plans. In a series of posters, the company unveiled the phones which will be getting the ‘mutant’ treatment. The themeing treatment probably means that the UI would be endowed with custom-built wallpaper touting the mutant that the phone is linked to.

The LG X Cam is out there which was associated to Cyclops due to his visual powers. The LG X Screen is associated to another mutant, namely the Night crawler due to the agility and swiftness of the phone. These were introduced a few months ago. Now, furthering the series we have the new LG phones namely the X Power and the X Style. These are mid range phones which were unveiled in Ukraine yesterday. X Power is linked to Professor X due to his long lasting power ability whereas the latter is associated to Mystique because of its drop-dead gorgeous looks.

The other two devices are coming from the rumor mill since there has been no official news about them yet; however, rumors suggest that they will be called X-Max and X Mach. The X Max as the name suggests would be a large-screen phablet and has been linked to the mutant Beast. While the X Mach would possess lightning fast speed which means that LG would focus on performance with this one.

Rumors have suggested that all of LG’s X-themed phones will be launched in the USA, Europe, and Latin America, sometime around July and as expected the prices would be unveiled with the phone. However, it should be noted that LG X Power costs around USD 200 in Ukraine whereas the X Style bears a price tag of approximately USD 180.

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