LG Announces Integration Of Alexa Into Their SmartThinQ Hub During IFA

LG SmartThinQ Hub During IFA

LG, the consumer electronics company has been hard at work developing a voice control center titled as SmartThinQ Hub. The field is currently dominated by Amazon Echo which uses the exceptional functionality of their voice assistant Alexa to offer effective home control solutions. It should be noted that both the devices are cylindrical speakers that are equipped with smart home controls. Therefore, it wouldn’t have been farfetched to expect LG to be challenging the dominator of this field, Amazon. However, LG has pulled out a surprising move by adopting Alexa for their SmartThinQ Hub. The announcement was made during the IFA event occurring in Berlin. The company stated that this move would offer greater interoperability.

The upcoming smart home controller devised by LG would integrate Amazon’s digital assistant, however, unsurprisingly it would be integrated in a limited fashion. By pressing a button on the SmartThinQ Hub, one can dictate Alexa about adding tasks to their schedule, checking the weather or even play music. Furthermore, commands could also be given to Alexa via a remote paired to the Hub, something that is similar in fashion to Amazon’s Echo when it is paired to a compatible Bluetooth remote.

The limitations imposed on Alexa in the ThinQ hub is surprising as the version of Alexa cannot control compatible smart home devices or offer the plethora of other features that it could do with ease when using Echo. This makes the pairing, slightly strange as there are many clear cut advantages of using Alexa with Echo than with LG’s SmartThinQ hub. To further elaborate the point it must be noted that Amazon’s Echo has the functionality of always listening so commands can easily be ordered from a distance.

The integration of Alexa would be music to the ears of people who have invested heavily in LG’s smart appliances. However, even then the pairing would not offer a substantial advantage over Amazon’s Echo. At the moment, no release date or pricing information has been released by LG. Therefore it is expected that as the release date draws near, LG might be able to clearly elucidate the surprise pairing between the two companies.

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