Lenovo Unveils Their Take On Modular Phones With Moto Z; Also Unveils PHAB2 Pro

Lenovo and Moto Z Smartphones

Lenovo, the Chinese tech giant which acquired the Motorola brand from Google, a few years ago for a hefty sum of $2.91 billion, came out with new offerings in their smartphones range. The offerings included a much awaited Tango device and a new model in the Moto Z series, one which can be transformed into a plethora of things such as a video projector and powerful high-definition speakers.

The major announcement from Lenovo comes weeks after the Korean electronics giant, LG announced their company’s first modular phone.

Lenovo’s PHAB2 Pro smartphone which is embedded with Google’s Tango (an augmented reality technology) was the spotlight stealer in the company’s smartphones announcements at Lenovo Tech World gathering in San Francisco. The PHAB2 Pro is a unique offering from Lenovo in the sense that the phone can sense and adequately map out the surroundings while also providing holograms to be overlaid on real world settings which are beneficial for both gaming purposes and size evaluation. The big-screen device is expected to make a global appearance in September bearing a price tag of $499.

Tango engineering director, Johnny Lee has labeled the device as a “pretty incredible piece of technology” for a great price tag.

Perhaps the most important announcement of the event was made by Lenovo Chief Executive, Yang Yuanqing, who unveiled the Moto Z smartphone series and announced their ability to be customized with “mods”. Mods are new, intricate pieces of hardware that can be snapped onto the phone through a magnetic link and bestow on the handsets some added capabilities. For example, one such mod granted Moto Z the ability to projects videos on walls and ceilings at sizes larger than 70-inch screens whereas another mod allowed Moto Z to transform themselves into powerful speakers.

That’s not all, Lenovo has announced a mod program for developers and to arouse their interest, the company has promised a million-dollar prize for the company that crafts the mod which best integrates cloud services with handsets. Moto Z will premier in the United States in the next coming months through Verizon while global variants would appear later in the year. Pricing details are yet to be revealed.

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