Learn how to coden with SoloLearn on your smartphone

SoloLearn app

A little more practice in C ++, HTML and co. Can never hurt. With the Smartphone app SoloLearn, you can learn and practice various programming languages on the go.
Programming is probably one of the most useful skills you can learn in 2017. The SoloLearn app offers a good introduction into different languages and concepts. The system of the app is already known by services such as Duolingo: There are courses on different languages that are divided into concepts. Each concept has a series of explanations and quiz questions. At the end of a section, there is a summary quiz. At the end of a course a test with certificate.

Important: SoloLearn is not a general purpose solution. The app holds itself with explanations very briefly and deeper explanations exist only through the community. For complete newcomers without a special PC-affinity this could be too little. For a coder, the app is almost more useful: SoloLearn is a good option to learn a new language if one already understands basic concepts of programming. For example, the app provides a library of commands that can be easily searched.

Log in to the app and select a course. From the main menu, you will find five tabs. From left to right: learning, playing, feed, code playground, questions and answers. The courses can be found under Learning. Behind games, the challenges are hidden, which should help to memorize the learned. The feed displays current news. In the code playground you can play with code and write small programs. Finally, you will find various discussions of the community under Questions and Answers.

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