Leaks Of Samsung ‘s New Phablet: Galaxy J Max

Samsung Galaxy J Max Leaks

Samsung, the Korean electronics giant is on a roll this moment. With the release of the Galaxy Note 7 drawing near, Samsung unveiled a flurry of new devices, each designed for a different audience. One such new smartphone entry is the designing of Samsung Galaxy J Max. Leaks regarding the smartphone have surfaced and shed light on the upcoming announcements that would be made by Samsung. With the addition of Galaxy J Max, there will be a total of 13 gadgets in the Galaxy J Series of Smartphones. The company is working rigorously to abandon the numeric naming scheme and go for something concrete and conclusive which could be one reason why the company decided to opt the title ‘Max’ for this phone as the device will boast a massive 7-inch screen (according to the leaks).

The 7-inch screen expected from this phone is perhaps the tipping point between a typical handset and a desirable phablet. While the gigantic appearance of the phone does need to be addressed, however, we are more curious about the spec sheet of the device which is unavailable as of yet. When considering single-handed use or pocket placement, both of the functionality seem impossible for a phone having an immensely large screen. There is one thing that the leaks have hinted towards and that is the ability of the device to offer dual-SIM support. We believe that the device will offer dual-SIM connectivity across various international carriers due to Samsung supporting most of them – whether GSM, HSDPA or LTE.

At the moment, the limited information poses a hindrance in providing further details; however, we assume that the device will be powered by a large battery which would bear the brunt of the big screen without fail. We believe that the battery capacity would be plus of 4,500 mAh. However, nothing is for certain, unless a reliable leak occurs or Samsung officially unveils the device. We expect more information to be made available as the release date draws near. At the moment, the device is waiting for certification approval for Bluetooth and other connectivity options after which the device will head towards its official release.

The Samsung Galaxy J-lineup is known for providing quality handsets having one or two enhancements at an affordable price tag. Let us know your thoughts about the massive device in the comments section below.

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