iPhone 7; rumors and leaks

Iphone 7

Well, hello there folks, we have finally reached that time of the year when we scavenger hunt for any news about Apple’s new devices prior to the actual launch of the devices. According to reports published by the Apple fanboys 9to5Mac, case designs of the latest iPhone 7 Plus have been released which hint that the new generation of iPhone will feature a Smart Connector (a 3-pin connector, presently available in Apple’s iPad Pro) which would be used for the transferring of both data and power. The frames, however, are fairly similar in comparison to the iPhone 6S and the 6S Plus and it seems that Apple has skipped the part.

Now coming to the Smart Connector; Apple implemented the connector in iPad Pro to allow the attachment of accessories such as keyboards and various other docks. However, due to the sheer smallness of size of both the iPhone 7 and 7S, implementing a Smart Connector for keyboard purposes makes little sense. Smart Battery covers and attachments for wireless charging or smart docks, perhaps that is the sweet spot which Apple should aim for with the Smart Connector.

Early rumors suggested that the Apple iPhone 7 Plus might accommodate 3GB of RAM and a highly acclaimed dual-camera imaging system which would allow SLR quality pictures and magnificent optical zoom; this would be a first for smartphone devices since, the dual camera system has been implemented in plenty of phones, however, not at this scale. Since most iPhone owners love the iPhone for its camera; this would spark a magnificent interest amongst iPhone’s audience.

Apple has allegedly ordered close to 78 million iPhone 7 units which are fueled by the love of Apple fans for iPhone. The 78 million units figure is the highest production figure of Apple’s iPhone in the past two years and speaks volumes about the ambitious plans of Tim Cook. Analysts have suggested that the figure was unneeded; however, Tim Cook did stir up the audience by saying that the new iPhone would include features that many people never recognized they needed.

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