iPhone 7 Launch Date Confirmed

Apple iPhone 7 Launch Date Confirmed

Apple, the tech giant most aptly recognized for its revolutionary smartphone, the iPhone has somewhat confirmed the release date of its highly anticipated iPhone 7. The confirmation comes from invitations that were sent out by the company to big media houses. The event is scheduled for next week and speculations suggest that it has been organized to unveil their new flagship device.

The event will take place in Bill Graham Civic Auditorium located in the city of San Francisco and will occur on September 7, with the kick-off time being 10am, local time. Typically, Apple includes a hidden message in their invitation passes, however, this time, the company decided to bypass it altogether. The tagline of the invitation is ‘See you on the 7th’ which might be a subtle hint towards iPhone 7.

The invitation card also features a number of colored dots which are outlining Apple’s logo. This might be a hint to the introduction of new color schemes that have been in the rumors. The out-of-focus effect implemented in the invitation is called bokeh and it is extremely hard to recreate it using a phone camera. This is highly suggestive of an upgraded camera lens in the iPhone 7. The dots, however, could also be a hint at water droplets and if that is the case, then it might be a nod at the rumors which suggested the new iPhone to be waterproof.

Rumors have been surrounding the upcoming iPhone for many months with the most persistent and plausible one being about the removal of the headphone jack. If that is true, then you would need to buy an adapter in order to use your existing wired earphones with Apple’s lightning port, or you can always bypass that in favor of Bluetooth accessories.

As for the camera, speculations have suggested that the upgrade would occur only in the Plus variant of the phone. The upgrade would be quite substantial with rumors stating that the iPhone would be able to capture SLR quality photos and 3D images. Previously, rumors were also afloat about the removal of the home button; however, recent news has suggested that Apple is saving that for the tenth-anniversary edition which will be coming out next year.

The speculations are definitely through the roof and Apple might finally put them all to a rest by unveiling its flagship device on September 7, 2016.

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