iPhone 7 Goes Black

iPhone 7 Goes Black

It is that time of the year when the rumor mill churns out plenty of rumors about Apple’s latest iteration of the iPhone. The company is known to keep a tight lid on details; however, many details about one of the most anticipated smartphone become public knowledge. Like every other iPhone, the phone is expected to receive minimal and mostly subtle design changes. It was rumored that the reiteration of the iPhone will feature massive overhaul in the hardware side of the phone. The most prominent rumor about the hardware change was about a dual camera setup on the Plus variant of the phone. Another rumor was about the possible removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack and earphone connections being made through Bluetooth or lightning port.

This time around, the rumors/leaks revolve around the color schemes of the new iPhone 7. A few days earlier, a rumor surfaced claiming of a deep blue variant, however, that has since been refuted. The latest color scheme to grace the rumor list is Space Black. It is suspected that the color scheme would be available alongside the present iPhone 6S options. It was also stated that the color option would be available in the new Apple Watch to allow customers to match their gadgets. The ‘Space Black’ color is supposed to be a slightly darker variant of the Space Gray color scheme.

The news comes from a Japanese blog titled Macotakara which first claimed about the ‘Deep Blue’ color; however the blog negated their own statement and further added that the Space Gray color would be phased out by evolving it into a much darker shade, which is similar to formal black.

The same information was featured on 9to5Mac providing credibility to the rumor. The website also featured the possible renders of the new iPhone color. The renders allow one to have an idea about the possible new look of the iPhone.

Furthermore, the publication received tips about the upcoming Apple Watch 2. The new watch is expected to have GPS support and a workout app which will offer to track swimming; giving credibility to the rumor about the new Apple Watch being Waterproof.

Other rumors about the new iPhone suggest that there will be a shift in antenna bands, higher storage capacity and the inclusion of a smart connector. It is also heard that the new iPhone will come in three variants namely iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPhone 7 Pro.

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