Intel & Huawei partner up for Smart Bus Solutions across Dubai

Intel and Huawei

Intel has finally partnered with Huawei and will be implementing the X86 Platform for Huawei’s IOT gateway which was designed for their Smart Bus Solution.

The news comes after Dubai Government’s announcement about making Dubai the smartest city in the world. In line with the vision set out by Government of Dubai, Intel and Huawei signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), which was centered on creating smarter buses to improvise the transportation system in Dubai.

The X86 platform designed by Intel will be implemented in Huawei’s IOT gateway which was specifically designed to create a Smart Bus Solution. Implementation of this platform will allow a multitude of services to be implemented which include:

• In-vehicle video surveillance
• A much more accurate passenger tracking
• An immediate emergency services communication
• Analysis of the vehicle’s inner workings in real-time
• Multimedia services to cater the entertainment of passengers

A prototype of the Smart Bus was showcased at Intel’s Ignition Lab in the premises of Dubai Technology Entrepreneurship Centre (DTEC) which is located in Dubai’s Silicon Oasis. The prototype aimed at addressing the evolving issue of public transportation. The Smart Bus will not just be restricted to Public Transportation instead it will also bring school buses, law enforcement, and emergency response vehicles in the loop.

The collaboration between the two technology giants namely Huawei and Intel promises the foundation of innovative solutions by building a productive IoT ecosystem in Dubai. The companies aim at reducing the costs and resource consumption in the current transportation systems while actively and effectively engaging with the people in the community. Public wellbeing is the utmost priority and performance enhancement will definitely be culminated by the implementation of advanced IoT infrastructure.

The Huawei Smart Bus Solution is part of Huawei’s creative and innovative Smart City Solution that aim at delivering expertly crafted end-to-end network planning and provision of cutting edge technologies targeted at city populations. The technologies include mobile broadband infrastructure and communication technology targeted towards data center innovations and industrial applications.

As of today, Huawei is the pioneer which has deployed an extensive range of mobile broadband solutions, including 4G (LTE) services, across the world for approximately 40 telecom operators, which span the globe from Asia to the wilderness of Africa.

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