Huawei Mate 9 is really big

Huawei Mate 9

With its new Phablet flagship, Huawei also wants to win disappointed Samsung fans, in the test, the 5.9-inch device of the Chinese has to prove whether it meets the requirements of everyday life.

Actually, the smartphone market also offers at the upper end of the price and size scale enough choice. But with high-end Phablets missing after the not quite voluntary end of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 a current model. In this gap, Huawei now comes with his Mate 9, which offers a rich 5.9 inch or 14.9 centimeters of screen diagonal. However, Huawei requires 699 euros, but not stingy also with the hardware equipment.

The buyer is not surprised by the design, which is largely based on the predecessor Mate 8. As with this device, the shell, milled from an aluminum piece, which is available here in gray or silver, is first-class processed – Huawei has long since arrived in the top class. At the front, it is noticeable that the large display has no lateral edge and covers almost the entire surface. Thus, a relatively compact design is possible for this device class, because the Mate 9 is practically the same size as an iPhone 7, but has a 0.4 inch smaller display. For this, the Huawei is not waterproof and the high weight of 190 grams is not for everyone.

On the back is a fingerprint sensor, which works very reliably and quickly and allows various functions as well as wiping gestures via different fingers. At the bottom are two speakers and the USB Type C connector. Huawei sells the Mate 9 in a single SIM version with an additional memory card slot and a variant with a hybrid slot that accommodates an additional SIM or a microSD memory card. Probably, the former variant is more for network operators and the dual SIM version for the free trade intended.

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