Huawei Busy Working On A Mobile OS of Its Own

Huawei Developing Its Own Mobile OS

Samsung currently pushing more of its device towards the operating system of its own, namely Tizen OS and (according to recent rumors moving in that direction with far more intensity) shifting away from Android. It seems that another company is following the footsteps of the tech giant and that company is no other than Huawei, the company behind the generation of Google’s Nexus Phones. According to a report released by The Information, the Chinese firm doesn’t want to be dependent on the Android platform. Even though people close to the project say that the development is still in its early days, however, a shift from the Android OS is definitely a big step for the company.

The report mentions that the team behind Huawei’s new operating is based somewhere in Scandinavia and includes former Nokia employees. Huawei’s latest hired, ex-Apple employee Abigail Brody, who was the mobile UI design lead declined to comment on the project. However, she did affirm that the project exists and she intends to meet up with the team, around August this year.

The move is maintained as a contingency measure, meaning that Huawei will still continue building its EMUI on top of the Android OS for the near future. This makes sense, as Google has recently become more opinionated about their Nexus phones and shares deep concerns over OEM’s not pushing updates in a timely manner. Google has made it clear that they will be tightening their grip on their Android platform.

Speaking about Huawei’s current EMUI which runs atop the Android OS, Emilia Brody made a point to report the changes that she will bring in the future versions. Some of the changes include addressing the cosmetic issues and pain points in their next version. The update will also include a revisit on the visual side as Huawei intends to transition to Google’s Material Design while abandoning the iOS traces visible in their interface. This means a new icon pack, better color schemes and the inclusion of an app drawer amongst others

Some individual reports about the upcoming updated EMUI mention that the experience would be much closer to the stock Nexus experience with Huawei’s traditional elements built on top of it. It is definitely a bold move from the tech giant, and we hope that it doesn’t end up as a disaster for Huawei.

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