HP’s New Gaming Line Codenamed Omen

HP’s New Gaming Line Codenamed Omen

HP is aiming to take the gaming world by storm by introducing their new breed of gaming products titled as Omen. The series targeted at the general gamer audience will include a variety of products such as laptops, desktops, and accessories. The series would be available at various prices depending on the specifications including cheaper notebooks and high-end towers.

The Series was launched today and as of this moment included four products. The products are currently at the higher end of the price spectrum and include two laptops, a tower, and a display.

The two laptops in the series are black in color with ‘Dragon Red’ (as HP likes to call them) highlights on both the lid and each individual key. HP’s logo is incorporated only on the inside while the back of the laptops have a blood red diamond affixed.

The red diamond will be relatable to many gamers as it is a warm gesture to old VoodooPC logo. The VoodooPC brand was acquired by HP, back in the year 2006 and it seems that HP is reviving the brand in spirit. It might be argued that the logo isn’t the best; however, gamers around the world still recognize it and adore the brand.

The two laptops of the series are differentiated by both the size and configurations. The smaller model touts a 15.6-inch display coupled with a Core i3 processor while the larger model boasts a 17.3-inch display coupled with an i5 processor. The laptops can be configured to have 16GB of RAM, the blazing fast i7 processors, a much vibrant 4K display and the beastly GeForce GTX 965M GPU.

The smaller laptop would start off at $899.99 and the larger variant would get a base price of $979.99. The laptops would start becoming available from July 10th.

HP is yet to release specifications about the tower, the release date is set somewhere in August. HP did, however, hint that they intend to make the tower suitable for VR experience which means that even the base specs would be nothing short of spectacular. The desktop will offer GPU options from Nvidia’s Founders Edition. No hints whatsoever on the pricing of the tower.

Similar to the tower, the first display from the Omen series will be coming out in August and will be called as HP 32 Display. It would be a 32-inch Quad HD display bearing a 75 Hz refresh rate and boasting a 5 millisecond response time. The display would be certified by AMD’s FreeSync which will minimize stutters.

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