How to use Android Apps and Games on your PC!

Android apps and games on your pc

It is time to experience all your Android apps and games on your chromebook! This might come as a shock to some of you! Pinch yourself hard. To experience this, the user needs to download some of the below emulators on your pc to send a whatsapp message or playing your favorite games. Below, we have some list of emulators which you have to download on your pc to enhance your digital skills. Continue with all your social networking sites, games, productivity apps on the bigger screen.

4 Best PC Emulators to Acquire Android Apps on your Chromebook

Below, we have some prominent emulators that will help you run Android apps on your PC Or Laptop. The Android OS is regarded as the most flexible and offers great compatibility to its users. This newly developed advancement might form a bond between your PC and Android. This article will help you get a step closer to operate your Android apps on the Windows.

These 4 PC emulators are worth downloading and is a must acquired emulators for users who need to continuously juggle between your phone and pc while working. We also have some downloading tips to attach your Android apps on your Windows. Let’s jump down to know the properties of these emulators, making your selection process easy and effortless.


This popular emulator is free to use and is successful in providing Android function. It doesn’t get totally modified into Android, but gives required operations. At least, something is better than nothing! The PC emulator is available for Mac and Windows user. It is mostly expert in gaming. BlueStacks possesses a clever user interface with a variety of apps running on it. With easy and quick installing process, the user is equipped with great gaming actions and live streaming  videos. Download the BlueStacks and indulge yourself in the world of Android apps running on your laptop .

Steps to Download the BlueStacks on your PC:

1. Click on the the below downloading link to acquire the emulator on your PC.
2. Select on “Download” to experience your Android apps on your PC.
3. The installation process needs to be done as soon as the downloading process is finished.
4. Click on “Next” to accept all the terms as mentioned.
5. Install the app and a click on “Finish” to start your whatsapp on your PC.

Download BlueStacks

Download BlueStacks!

Remix OS

The Remix emulator is a full fledged operating system which is helpful in converting your pc into Android devices. The app is based on Android OS and accepts Android OS to function on your computer. The user interface is smart and clean. Get carefree and download any desired apps or games. The app supports all gaming operations and also the tantrums of your apps. Get access to your favorite  retro games so that you don’t fall behind breaking records and marking your presence on the score board.

Steps to Download the Remix OS on your PC:

1.Select for a Remix OS for PC package to download the emulator on your computer.
2.Download the Remix OS Installation tool.
3.Follow the steps suggested in the guidelines.
4. Reboot your computer to getr the Remix emulator.
5.Acquire the app from your Windows boot menu.

Download Remix OS

Download Remix OS!


This pc emulator gives you an experience of operating a tradition android on your computer. The app is the most responsive app in the Android version. It is lollipop powered app with pre installed Amazon Appstore. The user is benefitted by getting tons of paid apps for free! Just make sure, you download and update the app through Amazon store rather than Google play store. The app has a clean user interface and works brilliantly on the pc.

Steps to Download the Amiduos Emulator on your PC:

1.Select for a Amiduos OS for PC package to own the Amiduos Emulator on PC.
2.Download the Amiduos OS Installation tool.
3.Follow the steps suggested in the guidelines.
4. Reboot your computer to get the Amiduos Emulator .
5.Acquire the downloaded Amiduos app from your Windows boot menu.


Along with its cool name, the app gives freedom to run Android APK’s  on your PC. As you search for Andy, the platform is covered with ads and gives a clean user friendly experience. The app is based on marshmallow and swiftly helps to access all your handy android apps on the bigger screen. With a built in Amazon Appstore, the cool software facilitates with chunks of apps and games to explore on your PC.



We have a small list of genuine and safe emulators that are easy to download on your PC. These emulators are hassle free and can carry a clean user interface. Make sure you don’t get trapped with third party apps and end up collecting virus in your computer. The article will help you to know the mystery behind turning your PC into your Android device. Entangle yourself with all latest games or apps!

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