How To Stay On Your Toes When It Comes to Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing

The digital marketing environment is ever changing and the game rules are different today than they were just a year before. Search engine algorithms are getting better on daily basis and the use of A.I. is much more frequent these days. In order to stay fresh and prepared for future changes, you’ll need to learn a lot and listen to experienced marketing professionals. Below are the tips from the most talented ones, and hopefully, their expertise will help you to improve.

Never stop learning

Brian Honigman, who is a successful marketing consultant, freelance writer and speaker claims that one should never stop educating in order to be on the top of marketing trends. He says it is very important to exchange knowledge and experience with other marketers and read a lot as well. You should attend courses, conferences, speaking events and learn from the industry leaders. Those events will help you to widen your network of contacts which will facilitate the search for new projects and will ensure learning possibilities even more.

Never Stop Learning

Get informed from various sources

Buddy Scalera (SVP, Content strategy) reminds us of the need to follow a bunch of different podcasts, conferences and news feed. Every each one of those information sources can be very helpful if you want to be a respectful player in the digital marketing game. Buddy recommends listening to at least one podcast every day. Those shows can give you an edge over your competitors and you can learn what is trending in the industry. In addition, he claims that news feed must be visited through the whole working day. Go ahead and read as much as you can at Feedly, Google News, and Flipboard.

Subscribe to relevant blogs

Ginny Soskey is Section Editor at HubSpot and she says it is very important to surround yourself with proactive and smart people, who are aware of upcoming and current trends. The best way of achieving this is to subscribe to their blogs and follow their latest posts. On the other hand, some learning can be done at your work. Ginny likes to take a cup of coffee with her co-workers once a day and talk about their projects and marketing strategies. Keep up with sharing since that is the best way of winning in this game.

Learn from your clients

Steve Armenti is a Director of Strategic Services at Skyword and his main source of hot information are his clients. He says it’s really important to get connected with innovative companies since those are trend setters. The best way to know something has a potential to get trendy is when someone asks you to do something you never heard of. This way, you’ll be able to find an original solution which will be replicated many times in the near future, and that’s the definition of a trend.

You need to love your job

If you want to be a leader in the game of digital marketing, you’ll need to dedicate yourself truly. Freelance Web Design by Ryan Burchey proves the claim mentioned above. His completed projects tell the story of success. He is an experienced web designer who claims that love for the job is the first thing you’ll need if you want to be on the top. He is completely dedicated to his clients and aware that they are the ones producing trends. Another thing he recommends when it comes to staying on top is a great customer service and honest communication. That way, you will learn a lot about your customers’ wishes and needs.

Choose customer over marketing trend

Another professional who claims that is better to learn from your customer rather than marketing trends is Jay Acunzo. He is Director of Platform and Community at Next View Ventures. He is sure that the way of client’s content research and usage is way more important to a marketing strategy than to copy some tactic everybody talks about. He is also reading plenty of digital marketing blogs where he gathers information and builds his strategy. Another routine he recommends is making a list of people you want to learn from and frequently visit their pages.

Final thoughts

As you can see, it is crucial to stay open and curious in order to improve. Don’t feel ashamed to ask questions and listen to colleagues with more experience. You should stay awake and prepared to adapt to the smallest change in trends. Listen to your customer base, go online to read and love what you do.

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