How to Maximize Your Android Smartphone Battery Life


If you are using your device to perform multiple tasks at a time, then it will end up with battery drain no wonder in a shorter period of time. Despite the fact, you have bought a device with longer battery life, still, it will start draining over time with extensive use. Thus, you can consider following certain steps to stop battery drain and maximize battery life on your Android smartphone.

Use Battery Saver Apps

To start with, you can use battery saver apps for Android to save some battery juice instantly. These apps work on smart techniques and advanced algorithms to keep a tab on all battery draining functions on your devices. Using these tools, you can disable all such battery draining functions instantly with one click step. These functions may include Wi-Fi usage, Bluetooth, auto-sync, background services and much more. You can use these tools for improved device performance. These tools work automatically to reduce your manual efforts and save time.
Best Battery Saver Apps for Android

Turn off Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

When it comes to manual intervention to save some battery juice, you can start with disabling Wi-Fi & Bluetooth services when not in use. If you are one of those users who keep these two services active all the time, then it’s going to consume a lot of battery and device resources. When keep enabled all the time, both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth look for devices near around to connect with. It is also not safe from a security point of view as if it auto-connects to unsafe public Wi-Fi network or so on. You can switch to taking calls direct from device sometimes if you are extensively using hands-free connected with Bluetooth on your device.
Wifi and Bluetooth

Manage Screen time out & Brightness

This is another basic step that can help you save some battery juice instantly. Keeping screen time-out longer prove unnecessary when you are not using your device actively as it consumes lot battery on your device. You can keep screen time-out shorter in order to save some battery. Alternatively, you can instantly press the power button to turn your device screen off. Apart of it, keeping screen brightness low can also help you save some battery. You can use the auto-brightness feature on your device to save some battery too. Both these simple steps will help you save your device resources instantly.
Manage Screen time out & BrightnessManage Screen time out & Brightness1

Turn off apps & services running in the background

Many apps & services not only consume device resources when used actively but it also consumes device resources while running in the background. These apps & services keep on running in the device background to provide you latest notifications related to it. Amongst these apps & services remain unnecessary items as well which consume device resources for no good reasons. Thus, you can consider disabling all such apps & services running in the background. To stop such apps, go to Settings > Application Manager or Applications > Running Apps and stop them instantly to save battery life.

Turn off apps & services running in the background

Turn off animation & live wallpapers

Animations and live wallpapers on your device enhance the aesthetic value of your device. They may look good but these features consume lot of device resources including battery life. Thus, you can manage or disable them to save some battery life. To stop live wallpapers, simply select Wallpapers in device Settings > Display > Wallpapers instead of Live Wallpapers.
Turn off animation & live wallpapersTo disable animations, you need to first activate Developer Options on your device. To do this, go to Settings > About Phone > Build Number and tap it multiple times until it displays message that the Developer Options is enabled. Now head back to Settings > Developer Options and turn off three options called Window Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale, and Animator Duration Scale. Remember to leave Developer Options enabled as disabling it will bring animation settings to its default state.


Despite the fact, smartphone batteries are more efficient and powerful than ever before still it gets drain over time due to extensive use of the device. It becomes important to follow certain steps to save your battery juice if you are multi tasker and use your device extensively. You can follow above-mentioned steps to do that. Apart of it, using battery saver apps for Android also prove effective as these tools work automatically to save your battery life. You can use these tools for instant and effective results.

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