How to make AirPrint work more Effectively with Any Printers

How to make AirPrint work more Effectively with Any Printers

It was not until the fall of 2010, that Apple released the much-awaited feature of wireless printing by the name of AirPrint. However, the feature was a useful update but it came with its own disappointments. This was because only a handful of HP printers were able to support the service. Over the years, the number of printers that work seamlessly with the service has grown significantly. But still, there are thousands of printers out there which do not support AirPrint.

So, if you have a printer that doesn’t support this feature then before you think about buying a new printer just go through this article.

Most of the printer manufacturers offer an app that will enable the iOS device to communicate with a printer that does have an AirPrint support. Apart from this, there are few third party apps that will allow any of your iOS device to get connected to a printer. So broadly there are two ways in which you can make AirPrint work seamlessly with any of your printers. Let’s talk about both these ways in details below.

Official Apps By The Printer Manufacturers

One thing needs to noted over here that these apps are intended to work with only those printers which have a Wi-Fi support. These apps are available totally free of cost and in most cases will work great with the iOS device. However, there are a few apps that will come with only limited functionality which means that they might not be a complete solution for all your printing needs.

Let’s have a look at a few of the applications that are available by a few of the popular printer manufacturers.

Epson iPrint

Brother iPrint&Scan

Canon Easy-PhotoPrint


Kodak Pic Flick

HP ePrint Home & Biz

However, on testing a few of these apps with the different printers without the AirPrint support it was found out that there are a few features on which the apps are lacking. One of the biggest drawbacks of the apps was a zero support for the old wired printers. This leads to a conclusion that the printer manufacturer apps are not a complete solution.

So let’s now discuss about a commercial solution to fix this issue completely.

Third Party Apps

Before we begin our discussion, you will have to equip yourself with the below-mentioned things.

A Mac or a Windows PC

An iOS Device

FingerPrint app that is suitable for the desktop OS.

A printer that is easy to use with the desktop OS.

A Wi-Fi network that will connect the iOS device to the host computer.

The center of our discussion will revolve around the FingerPrint app which is one of the best third party apps available out there. The app is able to work seamlessly on all the iOS devices. Over the years the app has seen a lot of updates and houses almost all the necessary features. The best part about the app is that you can use it for a trial of 7 days before purchasing its paid version.

Installation and Configuring the FingerPrint app

The installation procedure of the FingerPrint app is a fairly easy one. The only concern that you will face is the OS platform on which you are going to install the app. The app will act as a print server for iOS. By doing this, the app will be able to fake the AirPrint client that comes included with the iOS version. You need to install the app on a PC or a machine that will remain in a functioning state. If the OS X or the Windows based home server is having an access to the networked printers, this situation would be perfect for the FingerPrint scanner. All in all the machine which you are using should have an access to the printer that you want to use it with.

During the installation process, you will encounter the straight forward dialog boxes and you will be supposed to click on the ‘Next’ button. Once the process has been completed you will have to reboot the machine. After the machine has rebooted, click on the FingerPrint app option in the start menu. The app features a fairly clean interface that will display all the different printers which are available. Just check only those printers that you will be actually using for taking the prints.

On your iOS device, you don’t have to do any kind of configuration for accessing the required printers. All you need to do is launch a program that has the printing capabilities. Any program that has an access of AirPrint will be able to use the print on the desired host computer.

In The End

Above is a useful guide to making the AirPrint work seamlessly on any printer. Do let me know about your views about the article and whether the procedure mentioned above proved to be useful for you or not.

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