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Hide Apps android

Have you ever suffered from a min panic attack whenever you are handing your phone over to someone else with you constantly monitoring the activity of that particular person who has access to your phone? Perhaps you have some applications that you want to keep private away from prying eyes. In any case, we will review some of the easiest way to inhibit access to or hide android applications that are displayed in your application launcher.

Hide Application On Android

Hiding applications on Android phone is easy with various applications both premium and free designed to cater to the task. Even though there are various manufactures who add such features by default. However, stock Android (even Nougat) does not come embedded with these features. Therefore, a third party application is needed to gain control.

Non-stock Launcher

The first and foremost way of hiding applications in Android is by using a non-stock launcher. There is an abundance of launchers on the Play Store which would give you plenty of options to choose from.

Nova Launcher

The widely used Nova Launcher is perhaps the best non-stock launcher available on the Play Store. Offering a wide range of options that give you granular control and fine tweaking your home screen according to your needs.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher comes in two variants, a free version and a Prime version. While the free version is good enough to do many things however it is not provided with the ability of hide android apps. Once you purchase the Prime version you can hide android apps by

Nova Settings -> App & Widget Drawers -> Drawer Groups -> Hide Apps

Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher is another stand-alone launcher that offers the ability to hide apps Android, but does not require a paid upgrade. In order to access this:

Apex Launcher

Settings -> Drawer Settings -> Hidden Apps

Locking Apps

Even if you have hidden your applications, they still won’t be as secure as you want them to be. In order to secure android apps, there are a multitude of applications available that will lock access to the applications.

AppLock & AppLock – Fingerprint

Both applications support Fingerprint locking and security code locking. Once you access these applications, you can choose the applications you want to lock. After locking the applications, you would need to enter a security code or unlock the applications with your fingerprint. Furthermore, both these applications cannot be uninstalled unless you enter the security code. A premium version that removes ads and offers other upgrades is also available.

App Lock Fingerprint Unlock

Complete Covert Hiding

There are various applications that hide your applications without leaving a trace on your phone. Some of them are:

Hide It Pro

The application describes itself as a regular audio manager and allows you to safely hide your applications. Holding the audio manager logo of the application will allow you access to hidden files and applications. Several other features are also embedded in the application, but require separate add-ons to be installed.

Hide It Pro

Smart Hide Calculator

Same mechanism as the other application mentioned above. The application is a fully functional calculator that also allows you to hide android apps. However, it requires root permissions to be fully operational.

Smart Hide Calculator

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