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How to Edit PDF Files without Adobe Acrobat

The PDF file format has been around since the early 90s and was initially used for government forms and legal documents. The popularity of the PDF file format is highly attributed to the compact size of the file which still retains the original formatting of the source. Furthermore, the content cannot be modified easily, making it a relatively safe file format. Even though PDFs are generally read-only, however in the following article we will be reviewing some of the top tools that will allow you to alter the contents of the PDF document without employing the popular PDF File Format Viewer, Adobe Acrobat.

Online PDF Editors

These editors are perfect for making minute changes to the file such as annotating pages with notes and adding freehand drawing. Websites such as allow easy changes even on password-protected, encrypted PDF documents. The best part is that online PDF editors do not require you to install a heavy-duty standalone application. Online PDF editors also allow you to easily hide away sensitive information from the PDF files such as contact information in cases when you are uploading the file on a public forum.

Change Metadata of PDF Files

Complex tasks such as editing the metadata of the document can also be performed with the help of various editors. One such example is Becy PDFMetaEdit which is a free utility that allows you to edit the properties of a PDF document. It also allows you to encrypt PDF documents with a password.

Edit PDF Text

If the document comprises mostly of text, then the desktop version of Stanza does a fairly good job.

If the document comprises of media such as images, charts and other complex formatting, then your best bet is to use the Online PDF to Word Convertor from BCL Research. A fairly accurate convertor is being offered by NitroPDF, however it is known to take upto a day to provide you with results.

Advanced Editing

This was a round up of the basic PDF editing tools. For more complex editing, such as replacing images on a PDF file, adding signatures and removing words from the document without breaking the continuity of the sentence, advanced editors are present. Most of these editors are also free whereas some charge a premium.

PDF XChange

The first tool is PDF XChange which is a free viewer and editor that allows you to add text directly on any page of the document. Further, it also allows you to image stamps which means that you can use this for signing documents or adding images.


The second tool is Inkscape which is fairly similar to Adobe Illustrator and is a free vector drawing tool. Inkscape allows you to select any object on the PDF document and move them to different locations or even remove them altogether. Also supports tools like annotations and free-hand drawing.

We hope this review would have helped you and you would take help from any of these online PDF Editors to encrypt, edit and create your PDF file format documents.

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