How to Design Best Mobile Apps for your E-commerce Store

Design Best Mobile Apps for your E-commerce Store

Mobile commerce (m-commerce) has dramatically influenced the way brands to reach to their potential customers. No matter how big or small your web business is, creating a highly interactive and user-friendly eCommerce mobile app can take your conversions and sales to the next level.

Some of the digital marketing experts believe that mobile eCommerce will reach at $163 billion by the end of this year. And, more than 85 percent of smartphone users would prefer a mobile app over mobile website when it comes to online shopping.

These stats clearly shows that creating a beautiful eCommerce mobile app becomes imperative for the success of new-age eCommerce businesses. But, before you develop a mobile app, there are some key designing tips that need to be considered if you want to leave a long-lasting impression on your app customer’s mind.

We bring you some of the great tips/tactics to help you design a captivating mobile app for your Magento eCommerce store.

1. Clean and simple User interface
Mobile User Interface

Keep the things simple when it comes to designing the user interface of an eCommerce mobile application. Mobile users usually prefer an app that gives them uncluttered user interface, fast loading speed, and user-friendly buying procedure.

The best part is that every mobile OS has its own guidelines, such as:

●    Material Design for Android apps, and
●    Human interface for iOS apps

Apart from this, make sure you use the action bars, popups and overlays, notifications and other elements carefully. These can help you generate better conversions for your eCommerce business.

2.  Simplify the buying process

Buy Now

The main aim of designing an eCommerce mobile app is to encourage people to buy your products. To make their job easier, you will need to use some great tricks that can help you convert your targeted app users into payable customers.

You can add CTA button such as ‘Buy now’ or ‘Add to cart’ on your product screen to let users take an action and make a purchase instantly.

Apart from this, you should be clear when it comes to the prices of products. If you want to prompt users to trust your brand, you need to show the genuine price, quality product images and promotional offers to your app users. All these things simplify the entire buying process of your potential customers.

3. Consistent Navigation system

The designing principles of the eCommerce mobile app are completely different from the eCommerce websites.

While eCommerce sites have big mega-menus that includes categories, sections, and promotions, mobile apps use simple and consistent navigation principle wherein your menu list contains only the important sections and categories of your products and services to give hassle-free shopping experience to the app users.

4. Use less images

Speed is a key aspect that determines the success of an eCommerce mobile app. From online shoppers point of view, they want to buy from an app that loads within a matter of 3 seconds. If don’t, customers will abandon your app and search for an alternative option.

If you want to boost the performance, you will need to limit the number of high-resolution images for your mobile app. You can use one image per screen to let people get seamless user experience on their mobile device.

5. Avoid time-consuming checkout process

Easy Checkout

Most of the people abandon an eCommerce mobile app because of long and complicated checkout process. They get annoyed when they see multi-page checkout process and leave their buying journey in the middle.

If you are serious about your web business, you will need to give simple and one-click checkout process to let people buy your products in a breeze. Even, you can have a registration in the app via Facebook or Instagram profile. You customers will admire it and engage more in the buying process.

Plus, give them safe and secure environment when they get into an online transaction via your mobile app. You can enhance the security of your app to build trust among your targeted mobile app users.

6. Create a user-friendly wishlist section

To sustain the interest of your potential customers, you should give them an opportunity to browse and save their favorite items in a wishlist.

Being an eCommerce app owner, it is important to create a user-friendly ‘wishlist’ section that allows people to revisit your app store and buy the selected products whenever they want to. This keeps them engaged and gives extra time to decide which product to buy.
These are some of the key eCommerce app design tips that will help your brand stay ahead in the digital market. With these tips, you can create a successful mobile app to boost the conversions and sales of your eCommerce business.

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About the author:
Linda Wester is an experienced web developer who helps other Magento developers to give your website an appealing look by adding new features on it. She is also a passionate blogger who loves writing informational blogs on web design, Magento, SEO and SMO. You can likewise follow Linda on twitter.

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