Head-to-Head: Speed testing Google Pixel vs iPhone 7 Plus

Speed test Google Pixel and iPhone 7

Google recently unveiled their smartphones titled as Pixel and it would not be wrong to say that the phones have Android fans drooling over them. The phone was jam-packed with cutting-edge specifications and seems to be holding the throne in the Android community as the Note 7 had a tough demise. Pixel devices also happen to be the first Android smartphones that are manufactured completely by Google. This has led many tech enthusiasts to question how the phone stacks up against Apple’s offering of 2017 that is the iPhone 7.

It would be interesting to note that Apple is king when it comes to optimizing software and hardware for a stellar mobile experience. Even though the company does not focus much on numbers and speeds, however for the past couple of years, the company has been able to outperform all of its rivals from the Android community with relative ease. This is because Apple has strict control over both its software and hardware end.

Google happens to be the only company in the vast market of Android smartphone manufacturers who have been able to mirror Apple’s actions. The Pixel line released by Google is a testament to that. Google has marketed the devices as being made by Google and rightly so. The company claims that they took no aid from their manufacturing partner, HTC or any other third-party for the designing of the Pixel phones. With the software control already in Google’s hands, the company would now be able to freely optimize their devices.

With that clarified, let’s move on to see how these devices stack up against each other. Briefly put, Google’s Pixel devices can hold their own, with the Pixel being able to outperform all Android phones. However, despite this, Pixel does not manage to outperform or even be neck-to-neck against Apple’s offering.

As far as raw benchmark scores go, Google scored 1565 whereas iPhone 7 Plus had a score of 3488 in Geekbench single-core test. In the multi-core setup, Pixel registered 4103 while iPhone had a score of 5590.

In real-world speed tests, Pixel manages to come close to the iPhone when it comes to lightweight applications. However, as far as heavy-duty applications or complex games that have 3D renders are concerned, Apple’s iPhone 7 shines brilliantly.

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