Hacker Reportedly Stole Millions of Email Passwords

X Millions of email addresses hacked

Recently, email addresses from top email powered websites like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft got hacked by a Russian. It was not just few emails that he hacked but millions of them. If you have an email account powered by one of these email service providers, you should update your password regularly as a precaution. You may have very important information or personal data stored on these top email service providers and if you want that your email account does not get hacked, you must consider changing the password frequently to keep hackers at bay.

Fortunately, Hold Security recovered the data, consisting of login information for around 272.3 million accounts. Many hacked email accounts belonged to users of Russian email provider Mail.ru which is very popular in Russia. The data comprised login information of users having email accounts on Google, Yahoo and Microsoft.

The hacker was selling login credentials of different people having email accounts on top email service providers for less than $1, a spokesperson of Mail.ru told motherboard.

To avoid such ambiguities, you should consider changing your login information frequently as a safety measure to protect your personal email accounts on top email service providers like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. Once your email account has been hacked, there is not much you can do to recover it and you will have to consider creating an entirely new account. Creating a new email account can also lead to losing a lot of your major contacts. If such an instance occurs, you will be left with no other option apart from creating another email ID. As you create a new email account, you will have to inform all those people who stay in touch with you on a regular basis, to send you emails on a newly created email ID.

To avoid such things to happen, you must consider changing your login details. You may have to deviate a little bit from the right track but doing so is worth it for your own good.

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