Google’s Upcoming Android Version Gets A Name; Meet Android Nougat

android nougat

Android N, the latest offering from Google has finally received a name. Google went on Twitter to announce the official name and it was revealed to be Android Nougat. It must be remembered that Google turned to the internet for help in naming their latest operating system and the name shows the final results of the open poll. The name is sweet and in line with the Android Nomenclature, however, we are slightly disappointed that Naan-bread wasn’t picked.

With the company unveiling the official name, the final updated build is not far off. The company is beta testing the developer previews of Android N and it seems that the new software has gotten a major overhaul; both in terms of appearance and functionality.

The rumor mill has reported that Google is working on giving its home and navigation bars a new make-over. The new make-over would make the home button colorful (standard Google colors) and the rest of the buttons will be completely solid. The rumor must be taken with a grain of salt because Google has abandoned many plans midway during the beta testing phase. No functional impact was stated pertaining to the visual change in the home bar.

The latest Android release came out with plenty of features with some prominent ones being in-line replies to messages, data saver mode, split-screen functionality, and a night mode. Some appearance changes include better implementation of Material Design, a complete navigation bar overhaul, and improvised settings menu.

The release date of Android’s latest iteration was announced to happen in the summer period and that translates to sometime around September. The update would be rolling out first to the Nexus devices with the rest of the manufacturers following suit later on.

HTC promised an upgraded to their HTC 10, One A9 and One M9 while Motorola has vowed to update their Moto G4 Plus, Samsung although didn’t officially state support for Android N, however, the tech giant can be expected to roll the latest Android release on their Galaxy S6 and S7 devices. The updates to Non-Nexus devices are expected to roll out sometime in early 2017.

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