Google’s New Acquisition, A Video Software Company Named Anvato

Google Buys Video Software Firm Anvato

Google, the Mountain View, California-based technology company has been making a lot of rounds in the news lately. Another such instance occurred when Google acquired Anvato which is a software company responsible for the manufacturing of a video software platform used by many media giants. It is believed that the acquisition is to strengthen Google’s cloud offering in the area of video delivery.

Software Company, Anvato’s Media Content Platform is used by some of the widely recognized names in the media and entertainment industry including NBC Universal and Fox Sports. Belwadi Srikanth, senior product manager for Google’s Cloud platform wrote in a blog post that Anvato will allow Google to offer scalable media processing services straight from it Cloud Platform.

At present, Google offers software which automates the encoding, editing and publishing process. The company also offers secure distribution of video content on a multitude of platforms.

In the same blog post it was mentioned that both the teams will work in cohesion to provide cloud technologies which help the media and entertainment sector to scale their video infrastructure efforts while at the same time have the ability to deliver live video and on-demand content to consumers across their devices (smartphone, tablet or connected television).

In a statement issued by Anvato, the company stated that it will provide Google’s Cloud Platform with the same video processing technology that it provided to its clients which included TV operators, broadcasters, and live event producers. The CEO of Anvato, Alper Turgut in his blog post expressed his excitement and mentioned that the collaboration would allow the teams to craft the best offering for mobile video.

Google’s rivals in the cloud computing platform include Microsoft and Amazon who have also made similar investments and acquisitions to enhance their video delivery platform. Amazon Web Services made the acquisition of Elemental Technologies who were basically involved in delivering video content over the internet and aided entertainment companies in distributing content which was originally devised for traditional cable networks and reformat it to align with the needs of PC and smartphone users. Microsoft on the other hand offers its Azure Media Services for distributing broadcast-quality video streaming to commonly-used devices.

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