Google Releases New Video Chat Application, Duo

Google Duo

Google, the tech giant is all set to conquer the hearts of millions of users by releasing an application called Duo which is aimed at video calling. The new application will be a direct challenge to applications like Microsoft’s Skype, Apple’s FaceTime and Facebook’s Messenger application which offer video chatting services.

Google has been thinking ahead and set the application in the most hassle-free manner as possible. Like WhatsApp, the phone does not require the creation of an account in order to access the services. Instead, the application uses real phone numbers. This distinguishes the application from both Facebook Messenger and Skype. In order to set itself apart from Face Time, the application was crafted for both the major platforms, that is, iOS and Android. The application is one of the few Google applications that do require a sign-in.

The application is designed in a simplistic manner providing easy and instant video calls. In its statement, Google also mentions that the application has been optimized to run on poor network connections. Further, Google says that all video calls made through the application are end-to-end encrypted.

A new feature has been included in the application called Knock Knock. The feature allows the recipient of the call to witness a live feed of the caller before they answer so that they have an idea of why they are calling and what they are doing. This new feature would make people more comfortable in responding to spontaneous video calls. The current video calling solutions don’t offer such ease. When people receive a video call, they do not have an idea what the other person’s emotions would be like.

Along with this, the app has additional features like group calling and calendar integration. Google says that the app is focused on simplicity and it is visible from the interface. The screen only shows the video feed of the other person with a small circle showing your feed.

The application was announced alongside Google’s messaging application, Allo which is yet to be revealed. The application has high chances of success due to ease-of-usage and cross-platform availability. Let’s see how it fares.

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