Google Pixel & Pixel XL: Review

Google pixel and pixel xl review

Google, the search engine giant and the brains behind Android has been hard at work. In order to show how Android should work, the company formed the Nexus lineup of smartphones. However, surprisingly the company’s breed of Nexus phones was something in which Google contributed only ten percent in the designing bit with the third party manufacturer working on the remainder. In order to change that, Google created a new brand under its head named as Pixel with the first version of the Pixel being launched a few weeks earlier. Google’s phones come in two variants: a standard sized Pixel and a slightly larger phablet named Pixel XL. In the following article we will be reviewing both the variants.

Both the Pixel phones have been manufactured by HTC, however, Google had complete authority on the development and design this time around. Coincidentally, the first Nexus was also manufactured by HTC. The only difference in the two devices happens to be in display size and quality. The rest of the specification including the processor, RAM and even the camera is identical on the two devices.


The phones are manufactured using aerospace grade aluminum in a unibody metal design that is accentuated with Gorilla Glass. In the hand, the phones feel lighter than the usual HTC phones, however they seem sturdy and comfy to use.


During the event, Google unveiled that their phone’s camera received the highest DXOMark rating and they weren’t joking. The camera application sees the return of the HDR+ mode and the pictures clicked from both the phones were identical. However, the color ranges differed due to dissimilar display panels.


Both the Pixel devices come equipped with Snapdragon 821 Processors which are snappier and less power-consuming than their predecessors Snapdragon 820. However, interestingly Google has capped the processor at 2.15 GHz rather than let the processors work on their maximum power of 2.4 GHz. Despite this the transitions worked with fluid-like smoothness and this is because Google has optimized the devices in such a way that the battery life gets conserved. The battery performance is also stellar with the Pixel devices outsmarting the Note 7 by five minutes before needing a power outlet.


Google wanted to value the customers who tap in to order their Pixel devices. So in order to sweeten the deal, the company opted to allow consumers to get Daydream VR for free on the preordering of the Pixel devices. Furthermore, the company has made it clear that it will restrict Google’s AI Assistant to Pixel devices. The cherry on top happens to be unlimited storage in Google Photos allowing owners to save pictures in their original resolutions.


Even though Google managed to make a few fumbles in the designing department and the rating of the phone is also IP53 which means it’s less resistant than both the iPhone and Samsung’s latest Galaxy phones. However, Google has laid a strong foundation with their Pixel devices and they definitely deserve applause for that.

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