Google Maps Update: Navigate With No Data Connection

Google Map update

Google, the tech giant having widespread influence in all impacts of life has released plenty of new features for its navigation application, Google Maps. Google’s Maps application inarguably offers the best navigation experience for mobile devices. The application features accurate data in real-time and is coupled with easy-to-use navigation features. According to sources, the upcoming update is aimed at making the application even more flexible. The update is focused towards users who have problems in cellular coverage.

The first rumored feature is the Wi-Fi only mode. Even though the feature to save maps for offline usage has been around for a long time, however with this new feature, users will be granted the ability to indicate when maps should rely on previously saved information and Wi-Fi and when the application should use mobile data for navigation. In this way, you can redirect the mobile data resources (in cases of weak connections or low volume) to other applications without shutting down your data connection. In the Wi-Fi only mode, the application will rely on previously downloaded mapping data for navigation. Therefore, in order to navigate, you will need the entire mapping data downloaded on your phone beforehand. Wi-Fi only mode is accessible from the settings menu of the application.

In order to save more offline maps to your device, look for ‘Offline Areas’ in the application menu and then hit the plus button to download more areas into your device. A new addition to the Maps application is the ability to decide the storage where the offline maps should be stored. You can either choose external SD card or internal storage as the storage location. In order to do this, navigate to the ‘Offline Areas’ submenu and choose the desired storage option in ‘Storage Preferences’.

The inclusion of these options will allow more mobility to users allowing then to effortlessly navigate around town without worrying about the availability of cellular connection. Another neat feature that has been integrated into the application is the search for route. The application will now present with different methods of transportation when searching for the route including offering third-party services like Uber.

It seems that with this update, Google has tried to free users from needless limitations and tried to offer them more flexible options to move around.

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