Google Introduces A Group Plan For Project Fi

Google Project Fi

Google has been hard at work this year in the telecommunication department. With the introduction of its new smartphone lineup, titled as Pixel. Google is also introducing new plans for its wireless service, Project Fi which will now include a group plan. Even though most cellular operators allow you to opt for a family package which gives you discounted price on additional lines. Fi is yet to offer these plans.

Instead, like all other products from Google, the company has tried to opt a completely straight-forward routine with Project Fi. However, in case you were expecting a massive price-cut, then you would be disappointed.

The group plan on Project Fi allows you to add up to five additional lines for $15/month which is a considerable price-cut from the base price of $20 that you need to pay in order to initiate a Fi account. Later on, just like the regular plans on Google’s network, you pay $10/GB for any data consumption that occurs, allowing you to get a refund for any unused data.

Unlike most cellular companies, Google has tried to differentiate itself from its competitors by not marketing this specifically towards families. Instead, the marketing clearly notes that you can add friends from college or family to your group plan. Furthermore, Google has added an easy feature of dropping the members of your group plan, if you graduate or drift apart.

The Google Fi app is also pretty straightforward, allowing you to set up quota for users and thereby manage these accounts, seamlessly.

Provided the fact that you are in for only a $5 discount, this feature would probably be more appreciated by families than individuals as features such as setting quotas and limits are a bonus for parents. For individuals, the effort to convert which would only yield a $5 benefit is not enticing enough.

After the launch of the Pixel phones, Google has removed the Nexus lineup completely from its main online store with the seemingly pricey Pixel phones as your only option to join Project Fi. However, the interesting twist is that after signing up for Project Fi you can easily buy these phones from Google and the bonus bit? You can opt for Google’s interest-free installment plans. On Project Fi the 6P is currently available with a $100 discount whereas the 5X has received a price reduction of $150.

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