Google Face A Lot Of Pressure for Deleting Palestine from Its Maps App

Google Map Earth

Google, the search engine giant has caught a lot of steam from various people across the world. This is because the company recently replaced the name and area of Palestine with Israel on its widely used maps applications.

This prompted the Palestinian Journalists Front to raise their voice against Google for making this move. PJF brought Google under fire for such a move and stated that the removal of Palestine’s name from the map was an attempt of the Israeli regime to establish themselves as a legitimate state while completely obliterating Palestine.

The Front also claimed that such a move by Google was an attempt to sabotage the history and geography associated with Palestine. They think that such an incidence is a failed attempt to tamper with the memory of both Palestinians and Arabs while also an attempt to undermine their right to a homeland.

The Front demanded that Google addresses this mistake and issues a proper response to effectively curb the issue. They also stated that such an action is contrary to all international norms and conventions.

It must be pointed out that a search for Palestine using Google Maps does provide one with a proper reference to the location, however with a blank map of Israel. Further, the areas of Gaza, Judea, and Samaria – they are all marked with a broken borderline, but not indicated by their respective names. The information provided about Palestine states the following facts:

The State of Palestine, which is also known as Palestine is regarded as a de jure sovereign state. The state resides in the Middle East and has received an acknowledgement from 136 UN members. Since, 2012, the state has received an elevation in status and is now regarded as a non-member observer state.

On the other hand, the following information is mentioned regarding Israel:

Israel, a country located on the strip of Mediterranean Sea. The country is regarded as the biblical Holy Land by members of many religious communities. The country houses the most sacred site of Jerusalem. However, the financial hub of the country, Tel Aviv, is renowned for Bauhaus architecture, beaches, and nightlife.

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