Google Debuting Own Handset Later This Year

google released own smartphone end of 2016

As per a recent report issued in The Telegraph, it is implied that Google is all set to surprise its audiences this year by releasing their very own smartphone. This will be Google’s first entry into the smartphone industry with Google taking charge of both the software and the hardware. If the step is to be evaluated, then there is a high chance that Google will sweep away its competition and affect sales of the smartphone industry dominators namely Apple and Samsung.

The report which has quoted a senior member of Google suggests that Google is currently under the process of making a smartphone which will be entirely their own. If you are wondering about the Nexus lineup then it must be clarified that this would be significantly different. Instead of partnering up with smartphone manufacturers such as HTC, Motorola, LG or Huawei, Google would be working on the entire device ranging from the design and hardware to final operating system.

One would question why Google is considering such a move since they enjoy resounding success with their Nexus lineup of devices and it must be clarified that we aren’t just talking about financial success. Instead, the Nexus phones bring Google closer to some of the biggest hardware vendors in the smartphone market allowing Google to maintain cordial ties.

At this moment, it seems that Google has not drafted any serious plans for the Nexus series. However, if the news is legit, then this would open up a multitude of questions about the Nexus lineup. It would indeed be strange to witness Google pit up two of its smartphones against each other. The logical option it seems is to discontinue the Nexus lineup altogether. However, that is easier said than done and would definitely not fare well, with the tech giant’s industry partners.

In the long run, the move would also raise questions about the Android operating system. Since Google would now be a competing party in the market, the support of Android on third party smartphones would be scrutinized as well. The ambitious project of Google might also affect Android’s status as an open platform.

From a neutral perspective, the report does seem genuine considering the fact that Google set up its own hardware division back in April. This is further backed by Google’s CEO hinting that the company is directing more efforts in smartphones. Needless to say, it would be exciting to witness the tech-mammoth place a direct step in the smartphone market.

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