Google Crosses The Accidental €100,000 Bill Which Was Amassed By A 12-year-old Online


A 12 year old Spanish musician, Jose Javier accidentally managed to stack up a huge amount of advertisement fees as he tried to make his band famous.

The Spanish boy mistakenly stacked up €100,000 in lieu of advertisement fees that was to be to Google as he tried to make his brass band famous on the online depths of the internet.

Achieving widespread internet fame came at a price for the young Jose Javier who mistakenly stacked up an exorbitant bill of €100,000 (£88,000/US$112,000) which was to be paid to Google as advertisement charges. The boy was trying to make his band famous on the World Wide Web and accidentally stumbled on the huge bill.

However, the search engine giant, Google stated that it would waive the bill of the 12-year old as they realized that the boy had made a mistake albeit, a costly one.

The bill was stacked up as a result of little Jose making an account of AdWords. In August, the trumpet playing boy hailing from the south-eastern seaside city of Torrevieja made an account with the Google service, AdWords which is basically a pay-per-click service. The service advertises your offerings by putting them alongside search results and on other sites.

In order to pay for the service, a user puts his credit card details and pays everytime a reader clicks on the link. The little boy, Jose who had a savings account opened in his name by his parents gave his details to the service, thinking, that he would earn revenue from the service by having ads on his homemade website. However, the idea backfired significantly.

Google realized this and in a statement issued by the company’s spokeswoman on Wednesday, Google endorsed that the boy had actually made a mistake. Furthermore, the company promised that they would waive off the extraordinary bill that the child had amassed.

Upon questioning, the mother of the boy said that Jose wanted to buy instruments for his band Los Salerosos which can be roughly translated to The Salties and the confusion was a result of that. The parents of the boy were alerted by the bank when they noticed that the boy was acquiring a significant debt.

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