Google Assistant – Transition from soulless robots to good pals

Google Dooble Robot

Virtual Assistants and machines are undoubtedly smart; however, they make pretty dull companions. Google knows this and has set out on a journey to make their own personal assistant. On the recent I/O conference, Google announced its own version of virtual assistant which and labeled it simply as Google Assistant. The assistant would be similar to Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa which would be able to answer simple questions and follow simple commands but there is a slight twist. Google aims to make the user more personable and to do that Google has enlisted artists to solve the problem.

The head of Google Doodle Team, Ryan Germick has coupled with Emma Coats who is a freelance artist renowned for her role as a story writer for Pixar and as the author of the viral list of 22 rules of storytelling. The team showed up this weekend at Moogfest, a music and technology festival that took place in Durham, North Carolina to talk about the tenuous process of making artificial intelligence feel friendlier.

Google Assistant will be a virtual assistant that will be incorporated into Google products. Like Siri and Alexa, Google Assistant will also work in a conversational manner rather than a robotic approach. To make these conversations, much more enjoyable, Google is tapping into the creative minds of Germick and Coats.

In the event, the team behind Google Assistant discussed the traits and character influences they intend to incorporate into the assistant. Responding to a question about Google Assistant, Coats said that they intend to craft a well-rounded assistant that can also incorporate humorous actions into the conversation. According to her, Google Assistant will be developed on the base of a character that has a personality which can be related to.

Google is working in building companionship with AI and humans by making the AI seem much more vulnerable – as if it needs our assistance from time to time.

In order to make the Assistant, more life-like Google is working on building narratives that can be connected to the people. Further, they are also experimenting with elements of surprise which will make bot-human exchanges much more unique. Also, they intend to add a vulnerability trait to the AI character.

Since concrete details about the Assistant are not yet available – and there is a possibility that many of the features might get omitted. However, one thing is for certain, Google is bent on changing the robotic conversation to ones filled with much more sentimentality.

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