Google Allo; An AI Infused Messaging Application

Google Allo

Tech-company, Google is working hard in fusing its applications and technology with artificial intelligence and one of the products that Google has spun out with its creativity is Allo, a messaging application. The application was first discussed and announced in May during Google’s I/O conference and Wednesday marks the official premiere of the application on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

In order to get a full-fledged Allo experience both the recipient and sender are expected to be using the application. However, in any case the application comes equipped with support for standard text messaging. It must be noted that the application only works on Android and iOS with no desktop or web version available as of yet.

Allo comes equipped with an incognito mode that will automatically delete the messages after a set time and furthermore is completely end-to-end encrypted. Users must keep in mind that the regular chat messages are stored on Google’s servers till you actively delete it.

With Allo, you can also get a glimpse of Google Assistant; a bot that can deliver you content based on the subscriptions you keep. The notifications will be pushed at a designated time of the day.

With Assistant, the company is aiming to take advantage of their strength, the search engine. By using Google Assistant, you can get your search results along with images without switching the app. Assistant can also be invited in a group chat by typing @google in text box.

Even in its earliest stages Google’s Assistant is endowed with many possibilities. However, Google is not taking any chances by stating that Google Assistant is in a preview stage which means that users should be forgiving about the limited capabilities.

The assistant might also chime in during conversations, for example if you are setting up lunch, the bot will suggest nearby restaurants along with directions and contact information.

Along with all these capabilities Allo also has a couple of other features including

Smart Reply

Since Google can easily identify pictures, Allo will automatically suggest a smart reply to the picture.

Ease of Expression

With Allo you can easily enlarge (to make it a shout) or decrease (whisper) the size of your text. The feature also works with Emojis. Furthermore, the app allows scribbling over the images that you send. The feature is currently limited to Android.

Sticker Feature

Sticker packs are also being made for the application

Google Allo looks like a promising application that sets its footing in the perfect direction. Overtime, it may actually evolve into one of the best messaging application.

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