Galaxy Beta Program: TouchWiz Redesign Minus App Drawer

Galaxy Beta Program

If you have ever pondered upon the possibility of having an Android phone without an app drawer, then think no more. The Galaxy breed of smartphones by the tech giant Samsung might eventually get an update which has no app drawer at all. It has been reported that Samsung is currently working on redesigning the TouchWiz and in the process giving the option to omit the app drawer altogether. There would definitely be an option to revert to the app drawer if that suits your taste. The update would be first pushed and evaluated in China and Korea. The update has been labeled as “New Note UX” and would be first pushed on the Galaxy Note 5 as a part of Galaxy’s Beta Program.

In the pictures that have been revealed, the OS lacks application drawer, however, the omission is optional and users can revert to the app drawer filled interface. But, the lack of an application drawer is the smaller share of changes. It can be noticed that the icons have rounded square shapes or rounded square backdrops. Similarly, the power toggle drop down got an overhaul too; it no longer allows horizontal scrolling of options. The settings menu got an upgrade as well.

It should again be mentioned that this update is just in the testing phase and that too in phones localized to the Korean and Chinese populations. Speculations have hinted that Samsung might be working on bringing regionalized interfaces on their breed of devices. Since many analytical firms have pointed out that the Chinese market has different user preferences as compared to the rest of the world and Samsung has limited the new interface to the Chinese and Korean markets; the possibility can definitely not be excluded.

Another possibility is that this update is a preview of how Samsung wants to keep things with its latest installment of the Galaxy Note Series, the Note 6. It is definitely unclear whether Samsung has any intentions of spreading the Galaxy Beta Program out of China or Korea or to other non-Note devices. The source of these screenshots, however, does claim that the update will eventually be rolled out to all modern Samsung devices around the month of August. Since Samsung has made no official statement on this matter, we would not bet our top dollar on these rumors.

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