From Apple Of China To Apple: Dawn Of The Bezel-Less Smartphones

Apple Smartphones

As technology has progressed, smartphone manufacturers have strived to push the limits of their devices by manufacturing slim and sleek devices. In the same race, many vendors have decided to minimize the on-screen bezel to enhance the visual appeal of the devices. A similar case in point comes from Xiaomi’s (claimed as Apple of China) latest concept phone, Xiaomi Mi Mix which boasts an outstanding 91.3 per cent ratio in screen-to-body.

This concept of edge-to-edge display is not limited to Chinese manufacturers anymore. Instead, big hotshots like Apple and Samsung are also rumored to be working on upgrading their technology to include this feature in their next generation of flagship devices which is set to come out in 2017.

In the following article, we would be reviewing the concepts and rumors associated with various manufacturers pertaining to edge-to-edge displays.

Xiaomi Mi Mix

Xiaomi was one of the first manufacturers to craft an edge-to-edge display and in its effort has crafted one elegant machine that looks straight out of the future. The gorgeous phone sports a 6.4-inch display and is manufactured using a high-grade ceramic body which lacks external adhesives and works by adopting seamless connectors. However, where the phone gets points on style, it definitely scores less on the sturdy build section. This was brought to light when a testing unit got severely damaged by facing a diagonal drop. The phone got a dent while the screen received visible cracks, whereas the ceramic frame simply came off.

Apple iPhone 8

This year, many people were expecting the iPhone to lack the oomph appeal in the visual department that is characteristic of Apple. This was primarily because rumors suggested that Apple is working on creating a major redesign of the iPhone to mark its 10th anniversary. The news comes from Barclays Research analysts who stated that the new game-changing design is expected to be a curved, bezel-free design.

The bezel-free design would apparently expand the screen real-estate while keeping the measurements similar to the existing iPhone 7. It is also being rumored that the next iPhone would be devoid of a home screen button and people would be able to use the capacitive touch for easy access.

Samsung Galaxy S8

The Korean company was already busy experimenting with curved screens. According to leaks made in the Korean news, the company is expected to unveil two versions of the S8 and both of these would
support curved screens. The Principal Engineer at Samsung’s Display Making Unit hinted that Samsung might push a phone having 90 percent Screen-to-body ratio. S8 is also expected to come in two sizes, the bigger of which would be completely bezel-less and would also lack a home-screen button.

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