The Dark Side of Using Free Wi-Fi Connections at a Public Place

Free Wi-Fi Connections at a Public Place

The rapid growth in technological advancements, like handheld smart devices and home automation, has triggered the use of wireless internet connections. Wireless internet, or Wi-Fi as it’s more commonly referred to, has no limitations or boundaries when it comes to establishing a connection between a device and the internet. In today’s modern world, there are thousands of devices that offer Wi-Fi connectivity for users to easily connect their smartphones, laptops, and tablets to Wi-Fi whenever they’re within range. Wi-Fi allows multiple devices to simultaneously connect to the internet, and if your internet speed is fast then you will have no connectivity issues at all.

There are many advantages of having wireless capabilities in your home or workplace. Firstly, you don’t need any wires, which in turn means less clutter. This absence of wires will also make cleaning a lot easier than a room full of wires. Another advantage is ease of access to the internet. It’s extremely simple to connect your device to the Wi-Fi once your device has been recognized by the wireless network it will connect automatically when the network is in range. Lastly, it’s cost-effective, it doesn’t cost much to set up a wireless connection since it’s a one-time investment and there’s no equipment fees, besides the monthly cost of the service.

There are many service providers in the United States that offer premium connection services with high-speed internet, Frontier is one of the top names on the list. Frontierfios is the fastest and most reliable internet with no connectivity issues whatsoever. You can easily connect all your devices to the internet and enjoy high speed downloading and online streaming. In addition to this, Frontier Internet Service is safe and secure because it offers the best Internet Security Suite to protect you from potential threats that can harm your computer and other mobile devices.

However, you need to be fully aware of the risks that are associated with the internet because as beneficial as it can be the internet is equally as dangerous, especially when using public Wi-Fi. People often connect their smartphones and laptops to public Wi-Fi because they’re free but what they don’t realize is that these free wireless networks can be very dangerous and harmful.

Public/Free Wi-Fi is Inherently Insecure

Whenever you use a public wireless network there’ always s a high possibility of your online activities being seen by a third-party which makes it completely unsafe to use. According to Kevin Clark, an expert in cybercrime, using a free Wi-Fi in a public place increases the chances of you being hacked far more than the chances of your home being broken into by thieves. Public Wi-Fi networks are almost available everywhere, in shops, local stores, hotels, libraries and many other places. It’s best that you don’t connect your smartphone to any free Wi-Fi networks because the possibility of your device being hacked is too high.

Online Shopping on Public Wi-Fi

It is extremely easy for hackers to access your private information over a public Wi-Fi connection because it is not protected by any password and hence, it’s free to use for everyone. You should strictly avoid online shopping over public networks because you have to share your personal financial information in order to make your purchase and it can be very harmful to you if this crucial information is stolen.

Communication over Public Wi-Fi

Many people are not aware of the fact that hackers can easily intercept your calls and chats over public networks. The main reason is the fact that these are open networks that are not protected by passwords and therefore are highly insecure. Confidential information should never be communicated over open networks due to the risks involved. Even those that provide the free Wi-Fi agree to the fact that using such networks is not secure for personal and professional tasks.

Use Strong Passwords

In order to secure your online accounts, you should use strong passwords that are not easy to crack. You should also make it a point to use different passwords for each account you have because if you’re using the same password for every account it’s easier for hackers to interpret your log-in credentials. It can be hectic trying to remember all the passwords for your accounts, therefore you should use a password manager. Password Manager is an application that helps generate, store and manage all of your passwords so that you never forget the passwords to your online accounts such as online banking account, outlook, and many other sites.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Online accounts such as Facebook, Cloud Storage, and Online Banking contain crucial information like personal and financial, so it’s very important for you to lock these accounts with two concrete factors. When you enable the Two-Factor Authentication, you have to enter the password and in addition to this, you have to approve the log-in from your smartphone which makes it difficult for others to log into your account.

Do Not Access Your Banking Information When Connected

67{4b8db105d51fc49c1c727c21ad8f1560ea0d09dcad6eb0845e46ab84b524419d} of people worldwide use some form of online banking to withdraw money, transfer funds or view transaction history. It’s important to know that any financial information, even when guarded by passwords, should not be accessed when you’re connected to public Wi-Fi. Using online banking applications is secure as long as you’re not having a public or a traceable IP address.

Similarly, do not access email accounts or send personal data to friends and family when your connection is public.

Have the ‘Erase History’ Option Enabled

In order to protect you from cyber threats, most phones have an option in the password settings which can be enabled. A great option for those that carry personal information in their smartphone that they don’t want leaked or stolen. Basically, this option allows the phone to erase all the stored data after a set number of password attempts fails. For example, if you set the number to five, after five incorrect attempts of trying to hack your phone, the phone will erase all stored information. Make sure that the number is low to give the hacker less attempts, but to be safe, no less than three because this may result in accidental removal of the data.

Make Sure Your Gadget Is Configured the Right Way

Sometimes mobile phones, tablets, and laptops are configured in such a manner that they allow the data in them to be accessed when connected to a device, hotspot or Wi-Fi. Make sure that the configuration is done correctly. Don’t ignore pop-ups that ask you whether you’d like third-party apps/Wi-Fi to access the contacts, photos or data on your gadget.


VPN services usually require a fee but using one can reduce potential threats because the data becomes much harder to steal. These services can be purchased online and usually offer different packages suited to your needs.

One can also use anti-virus software apps which help detect and prevent criminal activity.

A Piece of Advice

The world is advancing rapidly and the technological advances are growing at a very fast pace, so this means that virtual crimes are growing at the same pace. With this in mind, security has become a vital need for every internet user to stay vigilant while online.

So, to sum up, you should avoid using public wireless networks if possible, but if you come across a situation where you have to use the internet then don’t share your personal or financial information over open networks. Hackers will steal your private information and use it for illegal activities. Remember, public Wi-Fi may be free, easily accessible and fast, but it is not worth the hassle of losing your identity.

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