Facebook Thriving with the Latest Addition of Group Calling


Facebook has made a remarkable progress with its latest addition of group-calling feature. It is the time for SKYPE to tighten up its policies and come up with something better and introduce the latest apps in order to compete with the mighty Facebook. The social networking website has launched free voice calling iOS app earlier in 2013. It introduced Android, a year later for the better position in the market. Introduction of these apps have made things way easier for the users. All users need to do now is to open Facebook Messenger group chat and press the icon with a symbol of phone at the top right corner in order to initiate the call. The best thing about these apps is to allow free calls. No matter how apart people are, they can use this amazing application to stay in touch with one another. They can make video calls and stay in touch with others in the most efficient manner.

Manage Participants with Ease

Adding and removing friends is just a single tap away with this app. The best thing is that, it allows 50 participants.

Conduct Video Chats with Ease

With iOS, it is very easy to make one-on-one video chats. All one needs to do is to touch the symbol of camcorder to initiate virtual conversation.

In addition to these apps, Facebook has also introduced three new tools. These tools are designed to make chatting easier for people. These tools can be very handy for businesspersons. All is needed for the user to use these tools effectively is to exchange the messenger code with the person they want to initiate conversation with. In order to verify authentication, Messenger usernames can also be used. These remarkable tools have put Facebook right in top when it comes to social networking websites. Skype has to make conscious efforts in order to compete with Facebook.

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