Facebook Signs A Deal With Microsoft For Office 365 Services

Facebook Deal Microsoft Office 365 Services

Facebook, the social media giant has recently signed a deal with Microsoft, the pioneers of computing. The deal will allow employees of Facebook to use Microsoft’s email and calendar services for internal collaboration. The dealing is being considered as one of the most prominent ones for Microsoft in recent times.

With this deal, the enormous employee base of Facebook (comprises of approximately 13,000 employees) will be able to enjoy access to Microsoft Office 365’s web-based services which includes email and calendar services. Until this deal signing, Facebook employees were using the on-premise available exchange solution and this dealing would shift it towards cloud-based services.

There would be some limitations to the Office 365 solutions. Access to some features which include Yammer and Skype would be restricted since they compete directly with Facebook’s own offerings that are Facebook at Work and Facebook Messenger.

Facebook stated that email is apparently the better option when compared to the collaborative nature of its Facebook at Work variant which is basically a toned down version of Facebook for workplace. Facebook at Work was introduced back in 2015 and allowed the employees of the tech giant to exchange information and content across the familiar web interface. The company’s new enterprise based platform is well-equipped with security and administration features which make it a tempting offering for corporate managers.

Tim Campos, the chief information officer at Facebook stated in an interview that the Facebook at Work platform will still be used for internal dealings; however, the company cannot overlook the importance of having a proper emailing solution. Furthermore, he pointed that Facebook at Work does not altogether eradicate the need for an email solution.

A research by Radicati Group indicates that email usage would reach a phenomenal level of 215.3 billion emails being sent by the end of this year and this would continue to see an annual rise of 5{4b8db105d51fc49c1c727c21ad8f1560ea0d09dcad6eb0845e46ab84b524419d} through 2020.

Kirk Koenigsbauer, the Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Office 365 Applications stated that email will continue to retain its position as the proper way of formal communication. He further added that the way of emailing has definitely evolved over the years as today most companies use social networking platforms for communication, annotating documents and for keeping a tab on projects.

Furthermore, it is being considered that Microsoft might help Facebook employees through the Microsoft’s Delve service. Delve is basically a tool which helps in searching relevant data such as internal reports, announcements and news based on the employee’s job.

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