Facebook Opts A Twitter-like Feature To Highlight Posts Made By Friends

Facebook News Feed

Facebook, the social media giant which has occupied a huge chunk of user’s recreational time, is hard at work to make users talk to each other. Even though, a huge population of Facebook users, use the platform for communicating, however, undeniably there is still a large amount of users who scroll the news feed to look for interesting content without actually interacting with their social circle.

It seems that Facebook is disappointed with this kind of behavior as the company is working on introducing a new feature which would encourage users to talk to each other. The feature is currently in its experimental phase and is being tested on a selected few Android users of the application.

The new feature is called ‘What Friends Are Talking About’ and is currently being featured on a selected few News Feeds. The feature basically lists down your friend’s posts in a chunk at the top of your feed for giving more viewability and easy accessibility by allowing you to witness more content on your screen.

This would provide the users with more opportunities to comment on their friend’s posts without scrolling past it thereby promoting Facebook’s goal of socializing. The feature seems borrowed off from Twitter’s timeline in which the tweets from people you know are listed and featured. The prominence of the tweet is prioritized according to the number of times you have spoken to the user.

At the moment, the feature is Android exclusive and it is unclear whether it is location-specific or not. No information or formal announcement has been made by the company. The feature basically collects the recently published posts from your friend circle and displays them under the tab of ‘What friends are talking about’ which is visible in the News Feed.

It is heartening to witness the social media giant striving hard to promote communication amongst friends by optimizing the view ability of the posts. However, it is unclear whether and when the feature would be rolled out to the general public as the company is yet to formally announce the feature.

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