Facebook Messenger Has A Hidden Public Chat Feature

Facebook Messenger Public Chat Feature

Facebook, the social media giant is hard at work to make people communicate with one another. To take it one step further, the company has an unreleased feature hidden in their application. Some time back, the social media giant unveiled a highly appreciated standalone application titled as Rooms. Even though the application was killed, however, the idea still persists and according to a report by TechCrunch, there is an unreleased feature hiding in the recesses of Facebook’s Messenger application which is based on an idea similar to Rooms. The report states that the feature would allow users to create public and sharable group chats.

The analysts at TechCrunch found this code tucked in a corner of the Messenger application and apparently it includes both a logo for the feature and a basic description which states that Rooms are devised for public conversations and the room’s link is sharable so anyone existing on Messenger can join in on the conversation. Furthermore, the feature is quite ready to roll as TechCrunch analysts and readers were able to devise and launch a chatroom with both friends and strangers. An admin screen is also a part of this entire feature and the chat exhibits features which were unavailable with regular group messages. On its part, Facebook offered a statement which mentioned that these are just small tests which the company runs and no connections should be devised from these.

When the original Rooms application was unveiled, it was a bittersweet reminder of the days when open chat rooms were the “in” thing on the Internet. The old chatrooms allowed users to be anonymous or use a pseudonym instead of revealing their real names. Even though the rooms feature integrated in the application is neither full-fledged nor similar to the chatrooms of the past, however, it might actually be a correct nod in the direction of capitalizing from chatbots– an avenue that most social media giants are trying to explore.

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