Facebook Launches Workplace – A Social Networking Platform For Enterprises

Facebook launches workplace

Facebook, the social media giant has finally brought forward its enterprise-centric version of social networking. The project was in closed beta for the past 20 months and will now officially be available to enterprises all over the globe. During its beta phase, the project was known as Facebook for Work, however, its official unveil revealed a new branding for the network, Workplace.

The new brand has some high ambitions and has already scored 1,000 organizations under its belt during its pilot phase. The network would come as both, a mobile and desktop application with a News Feed that is from the company and others.

In order to gain significant traction for the brand, the company is working on integrating enterprise employees who are a part of the company, however, have rarely been included in the enterprises’ digital collaboration.

It must be noted that Workplace is entering the market long after various compelling and competitive networks have taken firm roots. Popular products such as Slack and Yammer enjoy a critical position amongst big enterprises.

The brand also faces competition from smaller business-messaging applications such as Zinc and Beekeeper. When questioned about the late entry in the market, Director of Workplace, Julien Codorniou responded that they were building the network from scratch and completely separate from Facebook. Further, the brand also needed to acquire a huge number of certifications in order to become a SaaS vendor. The team at Workplace understand that they face stiff competition and in light of this, the company is working hard to offer incentives to Workplace users. The first incentive comes in terms of pricing. Most of the enterprise solutions follow standard business models; charging enterprises, based on a set number of users and on the feature sets opted by the company.

However, Workplace has decided to take a different approach by taking a page from its own metrics. Workplace will offer all enterprises with the same set of features. However, the company will charge enterprises based on the number of active users. Active users being defined as users who log in to Workplace at least once a month. Facebook will be charging the enterprise $3 for the first thousand users, reducing the price to $2 for users between 1001-10,000 and $1 for any number of users beyond that.

Workplace will offer Facebook like features to enterprise users, however at the moment, the brand would suffer from lack of partnerships with other application vendors which would mean no seamless integration of various applications. Something that services like Slack offer straight out-of-the-box.

Let’s see how Workplace aka Facebook for Work fares in this competitive market.

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