Designers, Educators, And Professionals Back Apple In The Legal War With Samsung

Apple and Samsung

Apple has gathered a lot of support over the latest lawsuit that was smacked against the tech giant by its rival in the smartphone arena, Samsung. ‘The design on the outside is what matters’. That’s the stance most of the people from the design industry are opting in the US Supreme Court this week.

At least a hundred designers and educators signed the amicus brief in favor of Apple stating that the tech giant was rightfully entitled to the millions of dollars that Samsung paid for encroaching the iPhone design patents. According to the signers, it is mainly the device’s look and feel which lures in customers.

Back in 2012, Samsung was ordered by a jury to pay a sum of $1 Billion for recreating some part of Apple’s iPhone and iPad design in its line of smartphone and tablets. Even though, Samsung managed to lessen the amount to a hefty $548 million through multiple appeals. However, the company still thought that the amount was a considerable sum and should have been reconsidered.

Now, many famous names in the designer industry such as Calvin Klein have stepped up to side with Apple in the years-long legal battle. Other prominent supporters include Microsoft’s executive creative director, Bentley Motors’ director of design, and director of the Parsons School of Design.

The group has cited a Congressional decision from 1887 as the basis of their support. The decision, in summary, stated that design is the primary basis for selling an article. The group has further argued that Samsung was found intentionally infringing the design patents of some of the key elements of the iPhone. Also, the supporters stated that iPhone’s success formula lied in the integration of industrial and interaction design. Without the design elements and ease of use, the iPhone is a simple pile of electronic components which has no significant value.

Earlier this week, Apple filed another legal brief which stated that since the constitution’s decision of the design patent damages was clear, the Supreme Court should wrap up the issue and order Samsung to pay without allowing the group to make additional arguments.

On the other hand, the Korean tech giant has stated the design patent damages should be decided on a single component, rather than the whole product.

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