Deleted Tweet Archive, PostGhost Shuts Down

Deleted Tweet Archive PostGhost Shuts Down

PostGhost, a website popularly known due to its archive of tweets of famous and important people. However, the website is popular not for storing active tweets but instead for storing tweets that have long been deleted from the Twitter website.

The authors of PostGhost stated that the website was crafted to allow people to have a fairer and much more transparent history of the tweets made by some of the most influential public figures. This, in turn, would allow individuals to scrutinize the public figures with much more accuracy. The website is directly competing with Politwoops which is a Twitter authorized website allowed to publish certain deleted tweets.

Recently, Twitter brought the group behind the PostGhost website under fire for publishing the deleted tweets. The company emailed the group threatening to shut down API access for violating the law, that is displaying deleted Tweets. The law is basically a European data deletion law and Twitter’s terms of service that every Twitter user blindly agrees upon.

When any such event occurs there are generally two opinions that arise from the general population. Te first opinion is basically in favor of Twitter, claiming that since we are using Twitter’s website, we have to abide by the company’s policies and terms of service. The second opinion, however, is a much more balanced one and says that since we are giving Twitter our time and attention, the appropriate way for the company is to work with their users in a well-calibrated manner. Public figures are known to say goofy stuff since like all of us, they are human beings too and it is okay to prevent sensationalization of minor issues. However, if a senator or any key public figure instigates sentiments of racial discrimination or sows discord amongst communities, it is crucial that his beliefs and statements are held accountable and the issue is thoroughly addressed.

In the case of PostGhost, the website rationalizes their act by stating that the website does not record the deleted tweets of every single user since most of them use Twitter as a personal account. Instead, the website only targets public figures that hold a large number of followers and have an influential position in many people’s lives.

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