Creative Writing

Before discussing the techniques used in the creative writing, we should know that what basically creative writing is? Creative writing is an art of making things looks more attractive, it is not an ordinary academic writing work or technical work but it still attracts others. Creative writing means to add up your expressions to your wordings just to share the facts and entertain the reader. Some of the main techniques used in creative writing are:

1. Character developments.
2. Imaginations.
3. Plot building.
4. Point of view.
5. Dialogue making.
6. Language work.
7. Emotional description.
8. Appealing.
9. Vivid settings.

Many more techniques are used in making assignments, because the creative writing helps in developing other writing patterns and improving the creativity level. The only way to understand these techniques, you basically should know the description of creative writing its types, stages and how you can learn it easily.

Types of Creative Writing

Some nonfiction types of writing can also be considered creative writing. For example:

• Letter and Essays

Letters and essays are kind of creative work. Letter making is very creative rather than essays because in letter the expression also converts into your writing. This becomes more valuable and letter writing enhances your writing skills. On other hand as you can see that not every essay is creative, but plenty of essays precede form creative writing work for example persuasive letter, personal letters, and descriptive letters.

• Novels and Short stories

Novels and short stories are just opposite things. But the major point is when you have to brief something or when you make things smaller or summarize them you should know that creativity. Story writing is also not an easy task. When you have to add creativity through your thoughts and vision, adding new words, and giving information sometimes it becomes difficult.

• Poetry

Poetry is a popular but is an unrecognized type of writing. The creativity of making poetry is a very difficult work; every writer should know the skills of making new words by their own. And the summarize works needs to be so creative and understandable.

• Movies and Television scripts

Script writing is a creative task whether it is for movie making of television work, it have to be creative. You should have the most amazing and interesting imaginations and according to these you make creative scripts and dialogues. In script writing creativity of words is the most important thing you have to know.

• Blogging

Blogging is a creative work on social sites, it is just getting platform because people start blogging on social sites and the work is only giving review and messages according in a creative way that inspires the readers and make bloggers famous by their creativity.

• Songs

Song can to be the nearest cousin of poetry. Making lyrics of any kind of song is fun and an interesting creative work. While writing you should know the creativity with the help of that it becomes easy to play instruments at the back.

• Personal essays and Memoirs

Memoirs and personals essays are your own stories and it is also a creative work to express your life through words by writing it. Creativity need more space here and with the help of those readers to easily inspired and read out all the expressions that makes your work interesting.

Stages of Writing Process

The main stages of writing process are:

• Prewriting

Prewriting is said to be the key words for your working and it helps in developing starting structure of your assignment. The starting structure of your assignment help you throughout the development of your assignment, as it includes making ideas, taking notes, talking to others, deliberating, outlining, and gathering all information.

• Drafting

When you settle your ideas into paragraphs and sentences, drafts occurs. The first draft you make must be having, grammatical errors, logic issues etc. You do not have to worry and thing about those mistakes because it’s a draft should only write whatever you want to.

• Reviewing

Reviewing over your mistakes is kind a hard working stage in which after drafting you should revise the whole structure of draft very carefully and then make sentences by connecting all the ideas is a good practice.

• Managing

In the process of managing you should be correcting and editing all the grammatical errors, sentences, change the words by their synonyms and precede the working. Also, you should make your assignment creative, which appeal others easily.

• Publishing

Then the last step of writing stage is publishing, in which you can publish your all thoughts and all assignments in audience. This stage helps you to develop your skills properly and improve your mistakes.

Improving Writing Skills

There are several things which should help in improving your writing skills, these are:

1. You should know the intermediate basics of writing.
2. Write everything in such a professional way that shows that this is your job.
3. After writing, you have to read and revise the structure so carefully and try to find your own mistakes.
4. You should be having a partner, who help you to correct those errors occur in your work.
5. Your writing procedure has to be creative and inspiring people.
6. Edit all your work several times that can easily help you to correct the very smallest mistakes too.
7. Review your work which was done early and check how much you have grown.
8. Accept that your first draft is a trash.
9. You have to find a good editor.
10. Unnecessarily words should be eliminated.
11. You should be working over your ideas and you can easily explain them in your own way.
12. Do researches to precede the information.
13. You should not delay your writing process.

The basics of how you can improve your writing skills are inscribed above and these improvements help you out to make your work more interesting and creative. And by these you can work over the techniques used in creative writing.

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