Comparing iPhone 6s Plus with HTC 10

iPhone 6s Plus with HTC 10

Top mobile phone brand HTC has been struggling for quite some time but its latest version of flagship smartphone HTC 10 has removed all the doubts that customers used to have when using HTC phone. With its newest flagship smartphone, it seems at par with one of the best mobile phone manufacturers, Apple. The latest version of iPhone, iPhone 6s Plus, comprises high-tech features that ease customers’ problems when it comes to having wireless communication. In this blog, we are going to make comparison of HTC 10 and iPhone 6s Plus as to make it easier for you to decide which smartphone is better.


HTC 10 has screen-display of 5.2 inches while iPhone 6s Plus is slightly bigger than HTC with mesmerizing 5.5 inches of screen-size. Size of screen matters a lot, especially if a user wants to use multimedia functions of the phone like watching a movie or videos. The bigger the screen-size the better viewing experience. However, the drawback of having a bigger screen-display is the portability. Phones with bigger screens are not very portable since they cannot be carried around in the pocket and in order to keep them, one has to hold them in the hands all the time.

Processing Speed

HTC 10 has Snapdragon 820 dual 2.15 GHz Kryo, dual 1.6 GHz kryo. At this CPU speed, it can be very easy for users to have access to heavier applications without having the smartphone getting hanged. Phones with slower processing speeds are vulnerable to getting hanged while they are being used to use different types of applications. Let us now move on to the processing speed of iPhone 6s Plus which has CPU speed of 1.84 GHz dual core Twister A9. It is highly enhanced processing speed and users can have a very good time, especially when using heavier applications.


These days, having a built-in camera in the smartphone is a necessity. When it comes to comparing cameras of HTC 10 and iPhone 6s Plus, they both have a 12MP camera with 5MP front camera. The front camera is reasonably good because it can help users take crystal clear photos.

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