Central Park Chaos, Courtesy of Pokémon Go

Central Park Chaos, Courtesy of Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go, a game developed by Niantic Labs in collaboration with The Pokémon Company has taken the world by storm. The game is an augmented reality game and has taken its fans to do some weird antics while trying to catch the fictional creatures known as Pokémon. The game has set new trends and ever since its release, the game has been in the news, mostly due to the users of this application going to insane lengths to capture Pokémon.

One such event occurred last night when chaos erupted in Central Park due to the revelation of a rare Pokémon named Vaporeon in the park’s vicinity. Game users left their car engines running and went on to trace the rare Pokémon inside the park. Bystanders were amused at the addiction of crazy Pokémon fans. The news of Central Park chaos comes soon after one man in New Zealand decided to quit his job to dedicate his entire time to capturing Pokémon.

The game has been on the scene for merely a week, having been launched in the US on July 6. However, it has broken records in terms of both downloads and addiction. Recently, the game surpassed social media giant, Twitter in terms of active users. Interestingly, the game hasn’t been released globally and still faces server crashes due to the massive influx of users.

Recently, the game was released in the UK and the servers went into meltdown due to the massive user demand. It is being speculated that this is either because of the DDoS attack that the servers recently faced or because of the high user burden. Various players reported that upon attempting a login, the application gave a message stating that the servers are currently facing issues.

The application has reached a record-high across both platforms while breaking the most downloaded application record in the US. It is expected that the game will receive the same appreciation in the UK. The application has also faced criticism from many analysts due to the apparent lack of safety measures. Ever since the launch in UK, it has been reported by mobile network EE that over half a million players joined in the game with at least 6 new trainers registering every second. Undoubtedly, the game has become the new trendsetter; setting new benchmarks for games.

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