Bulk URL Checker

Bulk Url Status Checker Tool

Check Server status code, Server response headers, Server redirect location and redirect chain of a HTTP connection.

If you are involved in the field of SEO, then you surely need to check the response of the server on a URL. You need to check URLs in bulk which is not an easy task if you are to check each URL, separately. With the help of Bulk URL Checker tool, you can make the process convenient, quick and hassle free. It allows you to check HTTP Status Code, chain redirects, response time of URLs, final redirect locations and server response headers in bulk and for Free.

You only need to place the URLs in bulk in the bulk checker 404 for checking and it will provide you with a summary of all the initial codes in an easy and simple table. You can also download a .csv file from the HTTP status code checker to your computer which contains all the checked URLs having all the status codes along with redirects. It helps you n quickly identifying non-301 redirect in the chain of URL redirection.

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