Best Smartphone For Business

Best Smartphone For Business

Did you know that more people own a cellphone than a toothbrush? What’s even more amazing is the fact that an average smartphone user tap, swipe and click on their smartphone 2617 times in a day. Yes, you read that right.  According to statistics, there than 2.87 billion smartphone users in the world and the number of smartphone users are growing at a rapid pace with more than 100 million people started using smartphone last year. An average smartphone user spends almost three hours (2 hours and 51 minutes to be exact) daily on their smartphones

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives so much so that most people cannot even imagine living without their smartphones. This trend is not only limited to our personal lives. It has even trickled into our professional lives too. Previously, business professionals and executives tend to lean towards Blackberry devices as it provides them with the email centric features combined with security and peace of mind.

With Blackberry out of the picture, they are now looking for the best phones for business that can help them get work done even when they are on the move. If you are looking for the best smartphones for business use then, you are at the right place.

In this article, you will learn about the best smartphones for business.

Which are the Best Phones for Business Use?

Here are some of the best phones for business you can consider buying.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

If you want the best of the best and are ready to pay the top dollar for it then, I would certainly recommend that you go for Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. It is one of the best smartphones for business. Yes, it is ultra-expensive but since it is last year’s smartphone, you can get a big discount on it. In fact, you can save hundreds of bucks when you go out to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 ultra.

What really makes the Note lineup stand out from other smartphones is the S-Pen. It let you take notes, work on presentations and even use gestures to perform different actions. When you combine that with stellar battery life, excellent camera, and software features that help you take full advantage of the large screen, you get a complete package that makes Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra the best phone for business.

  • iPhone 12 Pro

What if you are an Apple fanboy and don’t want an android device? Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro got you covered. Packed with one of the fastest chips on the market in A14 Bionic, Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro packs more power than you need to handle all your business-oriented tasks. It also boasts a bigger screen than iPhone 12, which gives you more screen real estate. Continuing its lead in the camera department, iPhone introduced many new improvements this year such as LIDAR as well as improved low light photography. All this makes iPhone 12 Pro the best phone for business users who prefer Apple’s ecosystem over Google android.

  • Google Pixel 5

If you are looking for a small business mobile phone that does not break your bank, you should seriously consider Google Pixel 5. Google has put a lot of thought into making this smartphone user friendly and its smart features is a testament to that. If you want the most user-friendly smartphone, Google Pixel 5 should be on top of your list. Its pocket-friendly price makes it the best phone for small business owner.

It also packs some of the best cameras in the industry and comes with clean and pure Android software out of the box. You don’t have to worry about any bloatware or ads. This enhances the overall fluidity and improves the user experience significantly.

  • OnePlus 8

If you want the best phones for business when it comes to reliability and camera quality is not your priority, then look no further than Oneplus 8. What really makes Oneplus 8 one of the best smartphones for business is its huge battery and affordable 5G connectivity. The screen comes with a 90 Hz refresh rate so everything looks buttery smooth.

Which Company Phone is Best In 2021?

There are dozens of different manufacturers making smartphones. The choice of the brand usually is a personal preference. Most people lean towards popular brands such as Apple and Samsung. The problem with these brands is they tend to charge you a premium price. If you can pay the higher price, they create some of the best phones for the business.

If you can not afford to pay a lot of money on buying a smartphone, you can also look at offerings from brands like Google, Oneplus. Xiaomi and Realme. These brands have some of the best smartphones for business in mid-range and budget segments.  Every brand has their own strengths and weaknesses and you need to choose a smartphone brand which delivers the features you are looking for in an affordable package.

Which Smartphone Last Longest?

One brand that is a clear winner when it comes to durability and longevity is Motorola. Just like Nokia who offered some of the best phones for business with durability, Motorola smartphones can last you for years. Since Motorola use sturdy materials and protect the inside of the phone with a water-repellent coating, they last much longer than their counterpart. There are phones which offer water resistance and dust resistance as well as military-grade protection. If durability is your priority and you want your smartphone to last long, you can certainly consider those options too.

Since Apple and Google push software updates to their devices for three years, it also makes them a good option for longevity. Even though Samsung devices get updates late as compared to other brands, they still offer years of updates to keep their smartphones relevant for a long time. Regular updates and durability are qualities that best smartphone for business.

How can I use my smartphone for business?

There are many ways in which you can use your best smartphone for business purposes. Some of them are as follows.

  • Connect your business email to your phone to send and receive emails from your phone
  • Download apps which you can use across many different platform. Best example of these apps could be cloud based apps such as Google Drive, Microsoft Office 365 and Slack
  • Use collaboration and communication apps to stay in touch with your team members even when you are away and contribute to projects even when others are working on them.
  • Take advantage of voice technology and dictate emails and messages which will save you from the hassle of typing long messages and emails on the small keyboard on the phone
  • You can also download a remote desktop app and send and receive files from your computer. This also gives you access to your computer even when you are not present in front of it
  • Increase your productivity and efficiency and prevent wastage of time thanks to productivity apps
  • Organize meetings, create schedules and use an event calendar to plan for events in upcoming months.
  • Keep your documents safe and sound and give them easy access to documents without turning on your computers
  • You don’t have to carry your business laptop with you everywhere you go because your smartphone can do most of the things you do on a laptop

Which is the best phone for small business owners?

If you are looking for the best phone for a small business owner, there are a number of options that you can consider. Before you do that, it is important that you access your needs about which small business mobile phone features do you really want? Once you can decide that, now you need to look at what is your priority. Do you need the most user-friendly smartphone or you need a more feature-rich phone? Next, decide on a budget. How much you are planning to spend on buying the best smartphone for business?

As a small business owner, you have basic needs. This means that you don’t need a smartphone with all the bells and whistles. The best phone for a small business owner should fulfill the basic needs of small business owners. Here are some of the options which can prove to be a great choice as a small business mobile phone.

  • Google Pixel 4a
  • Oneplus Nord
  • Poco X3 NFC

Google Pixel 4a is an affordable smartphone that leverages the computational photography prowess of Google to deliver one of the best camera phones without putting a huge dent in your wallet. It delivers a great software experience at a bargain price. If the camera is not your priority as a small business owner then this budget wonder might be a worth considering option for small business owners. It is the best smartphone for business at an unbelievable price. Poco X3 is the best smartphone for a small business owner.

Which is the best phone for business you have ever used? Which is the best smartphone for business you have ever used? Let us know in the comments section below.

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