Best Secured Messenger Apps For Android: 7 Must-Required Android/iOS Messaging Apps

7 Messaging Apps for Android and iOS Users

Messaging is the most simple communication app for today’s generation. Teenagers as well as the older generations are busy digging their heads into their smartphones chatting online or offline. With the emergence of messaging apps like whatsapp,hike and its intuitive features like video or audio calling, sending documents, videos or photos have taken the Android devices to a different level. Thesedays, along with calling, texting or messaging has been a new trend. We bring to your 5 best messenger apps that is a must required for all Android/iOS users.

7 Messaging Apps for Android and iOS Users

Preserve your personal chats or texts with the following 5 messaging apps exclusively designed to maintain privacy. These messaging chats provide with security services to save your messages from prying eyes. Go through these messaging apps to know which one would you prefer to have in your Android or iOS.


This is the most commonly used messaging app is overloaded with great features other than just typing messages. Along with providing great features, it also protects all your important chats. It is enabled with end-to-end encryption, this signifies that the message is only read by the send and receiver. A security code is provided that helps to verify that your messages are not being intercepted with anyone else. It is applicable for Android, iOS and PC.

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The easy to use messaging app comes is a privacy-conscious messaging app developed by Open Whisper Systems. All the conversations are encrypted end-to-end just like whatsapp. This messaging app doesn’t record metadata of messages which means it doesn’t keep a track of your contacts,date and time of messages. If in case, you uninstall Signal the backup is not available, this makes it less preferable.

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Unlike, other messenger apps, Frozenchat offers end-to-end encryption using OTR (Off the Record) messaging. All your messages are protected and can verify the person who are talking to. It is an open source that supports the open XMPP protocol and doesn’t have a central server.

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The iOS messaging app supports off the record messaging and the open XMPP protocol. Before you start a conversation, a digital fingerprint can be noticed, this allows the user to cross check with your friends to be sure no-one is intercepting messages. The experiemental features allows the use for Tor, that tracks your location while messaging contacts. The user should use an XMPP server to keep your messages in the secure place known as ‘dark web’.

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Wickr Me

Along with end-to-end encryption it can even remove metadata like timestamp from your conversations. After a certain period of time, messages get self-destructed. The wipe features allows to safely erase unnecessary messages. The messaging app is not clear on how effectively the app can delete data, thus Android user should encrypt their devices.

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Want a replacement for regular Android’s SMS apps? This one is just what is needed from a messaging app. The smart app stores all messages received in the encrypted database. It doesn’t have a password to protect but if you wish you can! If the other person owns this app, it is recognized and use end-to-end encryption to deliver text and media. Try to know!

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Facebook Messenger

Facebook uses the signal protocol for end-to-end encryption and offers an option named as ‘secret conversations’. After a conversation has started, the user can send text, photo or videos. Bad luck for group chatters as it doesn’t support group chats. If someone tries to report your messages, it will automatically get decrypted and sent to Facebook. This messenger is used by all of us for chatting on Facebook.

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Over to you!

Try these apps on your Android or iOS for a better experience about the features. All your messages are perfectly maintained and protected from prying eyes. Find these apps at Google Play Store or iTunes to download it ASAP! These are just a handful, there are many such messaging apps for Android and iOS. Protect all your messages, media history .

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